Just me (Intro)

Hi! My name is Runa, and I am 21 years old and from the US. I don’t know what to technically call myself as far as beliefs go, figure I’ll figure that out down the line. I love camping and being in nature, feel closest to my core when I’m out there. I’ve been “practicing” for about six years just a mix of random things that felt right to be honest.

I’ve never had a paranormal/spiritual experience which is a bit of a frustration, and hence why I am here hoping to break that. I more than welcome any tips/suggestions/ general comments lol. Feel free to ask anything else you need to know and thanks for reading!


Hello Runa! You will find a lot of information here to help you decide what path to follow. Welcome to the forum. :wave:

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Thank you!

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Welcome @Runa

Do you have any experience in magick?

Outside of solo practice and research, no. Just hit the point going to make it a part of my every day life.

Solo practice of what?

Probably would be considered closest to shamanism, I’ve researched a lot of different things and have always felt a pull towards nature. In all honesty it’s been really disorganized practice :rofl:. Never had any actual supernatural experience, or whatever you want to call it. Feel like regardless of what I do, just talking to myself. Came here to try to see the right way to do things so maybe I can change that, feeling alone sucks.


Basically best to just assume I know absolutely nothing and am here to learn. An empty cup is easier to fill than a full one.

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Have you ever researched Druidism. This may resonate with you.

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Not seriously no, I will do some research on it. Any suggestions on where to start? Thank you!

You can check this out this link below…

For some reason I really have a feeling you will find Druidism VERY interesting. :wink:

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I’ll take a look at them, thank you again!

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There you go quoting Zen Master Ryutan…

You are wise @Runa…To know something is to know you know nothing.

And you are welcome! :grin:

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