Just made a pact , i'm freaking out someone please help!

Had been getting ready for this pact for months , did it today and it was totally disappointing:( Firstly I felt nothing at all, I have called king Beliel and duke sallos many times before so I would say I have sort of a relationship with them , read the contract and trying to prick myself to sign with blood but no blood coming out , finally I got so frustrated that tears started to come out of my eyes and i signed it with my tears. I’m so dissappointed in myself . The worse is that now I will be spending the next month (duration of the pact) doing guess work whether it was accepted or not:( what should I do :frowning:


Why can’t you evoke them again and ask?


Well i would consider that pact not accepted so really nothing to freak out about.
Have you asked them about the contact before trying to make the pact? Line any deal you may need to change some parts of it untill both parts are happy with it.
All in all i would say it was rejected and im sure deep down you know that aswell.
Evoke them again and ask what they think of the deal and what If anything needs to be changed and do the pact again once the contract is aggreed upon by all involved.


I can’t always hear them , today is clearly one of those days:(

I have been sleeping with Duke sallos sigil under my pillow asking him for signs that pact will be accepted or not , all it did was to give me a very peaceful sleep! I told them to give me a sign if it was accepted today aswell, lets see!

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From my understanding, pacts can denied the first go around or so due to the spirit wanting a change in terms of the arrangement. Making a pact with a spirit or multiple ones is much like having a legal or business deal with another human being. Sometimes negotiations take time and revisions before things are moved forward. I would second the advice of evoking them and ask for their opinion as well as suggestions for change of terms. Be willing to bargain a bit.


How about Belial’s input? I have worked with him and he has proven to be picky at times, usually for a good reason.


I’m not that advance to be able to bargain and all with spirits , and the books I read about pact making did not mention it either.

I have called him twice before and felt his presence strongly he even guided me in dream last time , but zero today :frowning:

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Making a pact with one of these beings is an extremely serious thing. I don’t know much about shallos, but I do know that working with any of these beings is a serious undertaking if you’re going to do an actual Pact.

Simply speak to these beings again whenever you’re able to, and ask what else is necessary for The Pact to be accepted.

It’s not that big a deal, don’t worry so much, it’ll be okay. Read the book of Azazel, EA Koetting first couple of pacts were outright rejected, and rather rudely, I might add, by Azazel.

I typically don’t do that kind of work, however, there are a lot of good guides here. I would be more of the line that the beings that you’re trying to work with don’t feel that you’re ready to jump into this, or else, as was previously stated, there needs to be some bargaining and negotiation.

Take your time, think it through.


Was about to say. It took a couple of days before Claunecek answered for second pact. I had re write it and make my god firms were prominent not my me part.
Evoke and rewrite it

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I think I shouldn’t have called 2 at the same time as I have no experience doing that before ! well who knows time will tell, I guess i’m too much in feeling of disappointment right now that’s why can’t think straight , gonna go out and meet friends then fix it later when mind is clear :slight_smile: thanks for your advise , much appreciated!

i’ll wait a few days as I asked for a sign whether it’s been accepted or not and then do that! thaks :slight_smile:


I would say that from your description of the actuall attempt it wasnt accepted since you aswell had to force yourself through it so to speak.
Why cant you negotiate with them on the terms?
As stated by others and as i said they may not be ombokats with the terms of the pact and thats why that should have been negotiated during mayby a couple of evocations, EA himself talks about parts being rejected untill terms been aggreed upon by both parties.
Why would you ask for signs of aggreement insteed of asking the entitys directly?

I don’t have experience with pacts, but I do have experience with drawing blood. One method for easily drawing blood is inserting your finger into your nose (it is what it is), putting your nail against the inner wall of your nasal cavity (nasal septum I believe), then scratching. This will cause a nosebleed. This isn’t very painful. Another is learning to properly and safely draw your own blood with syringes, a lot can go wrong with this, so I advise you to read up well about the pitfalls.

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A diabetic lance is a good idea, safe and efficient.


I wouldn’t recommend routinely scratching the inside of your nose and break the skin. As bacteria like the staph bacteria tend to live inside your nose and when scratching the inside of your nose can enter your blood circulation and can cause serious health risks, even sepsis. A diabetic lance is a good idea.


While blood is on the subject, it is really more of a formality than anything, meant to trigger an emotional response. Using tears in theory would be just as effective if it provides that feeling that the change being asked for is “done”. But it sounds like it was not enough to trigger it this time

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Except, it won’t necessarily always extract the correct amount of blood. For more blood you could always cut yourself. I simply didn’t recommend it to this guy since he already seemed to have an aversion to pain judging by the fact that he resorted to pricking his thumb.

Secondly, in many traditions blooding is done so as to establish resolve, therefore the more blood and pain experienced the more powerful the working. I don’t think a diabetic lance is going to work for that.

I’ve never known anybody to die from this, and if somebody was weak enough to die from this, they deserve to die anyway. It seems to me you’re just trying to do everything as effortlessly as possible, and should realize that others don’t always agree with that philosophy, hard ways teach hard lessons, the only kind you’ll ever need.