Just Have to Say…

Just had a consultation with E.A. and he was really able to help!

I almost got turned away from E.A. and BALG initially because there were so many people saying he was just scamming people and putting on a show. Fortunately I followed through anyway.

In person he’s totally genuine and down-to-earth. We talked about everything from possession, to practical steps to get my business to succeed, lol.

I plan on getting some more consultations as his guidance is invaluable.


His info is great, his prices…not so much.

Glad you got some good info.

EA is a solid dude according to everyone that has worked with him.


I don’t mind his prices. But I’m a coach and I know other coaches, so it’s pretty normal where I come from. I’ve seen people charging many times that rate.


I did the bone oracle reading with joey morris from the balg website and it was amazing. It was spot on for everything I was feeling and had going on


You get what you pay for. The results of applying the info he provides are truly priceless.

I also think his rates are fair. He shares great info and speeds the learning curve for his students the way a good teacher does, shaving years off the journey. I think a teacher should be able to monetize their time however they see fit, i most certainly do in my professional life.


Cheap at twice the price imo. Congrats and best of luck :slight_smile:


Thank you, I always make that point that compared to consultants/coaches in other fields, his prices are totally normal, it’s good to see I’m not alone realising this (I don’t work for them btw, just a volunteer forum mod, but I always think the price thing is an unfair criticism). :sunny:


Haha absolutely, last year I paid $6,000 for a coach for 6 months, essentially amounted to $500/session. And that’s not the most expensive I’ve seen. There are coaches charging 5 figures.

But yeah I think the criticism is unwarranted there. Especially when his material is so powerful.

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I think it is hard to do what EA does, before I dived into magick and tried I thought it was all bullshit. So to most people who have not experienced it he sounds insane like any other occultist. As far as price I am cheap and wouldn’t pay but if I where to seek consultation he would be on the top of my list. To his credit his videos are really helpful. Can’t blame him for making a living off of what he is passionate about.

Glad OP got good insight EA does seem like a chill down to earth dude. Regardless of what anyone says he is a trial blazer for modern magick.