Just had a mini experience and thought I'd share

So I was watching an evocation attempt on youtube. Not too long into the video, I started to realize this dude had NO fucking idea what he was throwing together on a whim. watch?v=OYF7UA-TAm4 for those interested.

I’m also pretty tired and staying up late for something, fighting sleep. So, as this guy is talking about the sigil, and I start to doze off. I tune his voice out. I stare at the sigil, through the video, close my eyes, recreate it in my mind, and hold it, and started chanting in my mind, “Buer Buer Buer Buer.” To my surprise, I heard, "I am here. You’re watching a fool."
Me: Does he successfully evoke you?
Buer: No. He gets half way.
Me: Does he get any information on plant medicine?
Buer: No.
Me: Does he try?
Buer: Yes.
Me: Is there anything about plant medicine in this room right now that you can teach me that I do not know?

(Keep in mind, the room I’m in now has about 50 or so pill bottles of various herbs, vitamins, and supplements, as well as loose herbs, extracts, oils, etc.)

Buer: That red bag. (my attention, although my eyes remained closed, shifts to a specific part of the room, on the arm of a couch. this is where a bag of Dragon’s Blood resin is, although I didn’t know it was there until I got up and checked) Humans can ingest this. (I had no idea and would have never thought of that) It is medicine used for HERE.

My hand, seemingly possessed, moved onto my body. stomach/chest region. Then I start thinking… here? Stomach? Or… intestines? And then immediately, interrupting my thought process, a SHARP, intense vertical burning/stinging line was felt on my chest, above my hand, as if to say I was guessing the wrong area. It didn’t HURT, per se, but it was so incredibly distinct.

So, in a 20 second (if that), half-assed, barely trying attempt, I channeled the information, of which I DID NOT POSSESS BEFOREHAND, that you can ingest Dragon’s Blood, and it is used as a medicine for the chest of some kind. I did what any ceremonial magician would do in this situation. Wikipedia.

“It is used internally for chest pains …”

I’m utterly blown away by this. Not by the fact that evocation is real, I have evoked several successful times. I’m blown away by the fact that this happened outside of ritual space without me trying at all. All of my rituals take weeks of planning and have this huge build up, I really go all out for them.

But for this one, I was just bored in my PC chair and decided to drop mind… no, not even, decided to just close my eyes and doze off. Said “Buer” a few times and got a ridiculously immediate and clear reply.

Anyway, I figured I should share, not only as a lesson to other summoners to “let go” and that dropping mind is easy and the key is to stop trying so hard, but more as public praise for Buer. That’s my offering. Not just being told “Dragon’s Blood is Tums.” But for being contacted so easily and graciously. I’ll be working with him in the future.


Thank you for sharing. Evocation works in mysterious ways doesn’t it. When you got it, you got it, and you sir, definitely have it.


It happens that way with me alot. I think its because i dont have any expectations and they can say whatever they want.
Astaroth taught me about time that way.
And Abaddon has taught me about warfare that way.
Azazel is always around so im not sure how to count that.

But i think its because our minds arent expecting huge things. And we are just open for them.

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This is the kind of stuff I love to read.

It’s kind of trippy, isn’t it? The whole getting info from a spirit, then seeing it laid out and confirmed for you in a completely mundane way later.