Just got the shadownomicon

HOLY SHIT! This book is dark. I just spent an hour reading the book. And fuck, I felt like I was reading a ghost story. You know that spooky feeling you get after reading one of those? Like a sense of dread as if what you read about is watching you? That’s how I feel right now.

In all seriousness, I found the book an interesting read, and also a necessary read. I’m interpreting shadow people as entities created on the astral plane from negative emotions, and thus exist to feed on these emotions to maintain their existence. And in the current social climate, I’m getting the feeling they must be much more common than they should.

I’m glad I got the book, cause I might have a shadow figure haunting me. I’m not sure if I feel comfortable using the book right now. I’d rather have the protection of a god or demon on my side. I’m not sure if I’ll be using them to attack someone, but the idea of shadow integration sounds useful…for later.


Michael taught me a method to powerfully banish energy.

Put your hand in a sort of gun shape, point at what you want gone, and imagine the figure blowing up in a sunburst of light.

If you can feel energy, then it will feel like a residue of the “light” energy is still left behind, and that’s its kind of overbearing. Just move it out with the Flow or let it subside.

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If you believe there’s a figure in your house, call it into a specific spot, then shoot it. It will leave.

I’m not sure if that’s the best idea. According to the grimiore, these beings are like literal incarnations of the jungian Shadow Self. They’re not necessarily parasites in the usual sense, like a tick Who randomly chooses a target and can just be flushed down the toilet. They are actually created by the victim. So killing it seems kind of a waste of time. The grimiore describes two methods of dealing with them, making a pact with them or integrating them.

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If that’s the case, then you’ve got an actual problem internally, yeah.

You got the right idea then

Also, I don’t think this exactly kills them. It weakens them immensely, and basically kicks them out of the area

Yes I do.

Take the book with a grain of salt in how they are created or dealt with. Thorne has his own way of doing things, as we all do, and you may find that things are different for you. it

If you decide to start working through it, ask Legion how to best deal with them for your way of doing things. Since not all shadows are part of Legion, this may be useful to you. sends

Also, when opening the portal, be sure to restrict who can use it to Legion of those he sends. It will eliminate the use of the.portal by other things you may not want around.

This book looked badass when I looked at it. Keep us updated on how your journey goes

It’s definitely interesting.

@Johnny_Samhain , you should start a journal entry when you begin.