Just Got My Copy of "Black Magick of Ahriman"


Yes this is how it usually occurs. :wink:


You only need a bit of human bone dust to represent the limits of flesh being torn from the infinite God self. It is better to obtain the grave dirt yourself than to buy it. So just get the small vial.


That’s good to know, I was wondering how much graveyard dirt would be ideal, i know a few where i shouldnt have any issues getting a vial.


A single small vial of bone dust is all that is needed. Do not buy the graveyard dirt. Obtain that yourself. More energy to invest in the altar that way. A fist full will suffice.


Yes by all means do the review. Be sure to give it to me directly and post it here within the BALG forum as well. I am always looking for honest feedback. I am always looking for ways to improve as well. I am no “know it all”… I just share my experiences to help others you know?

Read the Temple of Blackened Fire section as that gives the info on altar building in the context of this current. Then if their are issues contact me and we can discuss alternatives.


They will be posted here within my section of the forum. I am going to be doing more this upcoming week. I have been facing personal trials with the upcoming text so it has made videos next to impossible but things are clearing up a bit now.


So I live austin tx and my day took a turn for the strange and what I can only interpret at a confirmation. Was running errands and looking for a black urn to use for the alter but couldnt find one.

Decided to find one that felt right and paint it black. Soon as I decide on one that feels right a crazy storm kicks up almost zero visiblity whole way home. I get home come to find out the ground that was struck earlier this week that I am planning to use was hit a second time on the same tree while i was on my way home.

To top it off after the area where the graveyard i was planning to go to collect my dirt is highly susceptible to flooding and i thought i was gonna have to wait to do it.

Decided to check the area, whole way there massive rain and lightning goin wild. i get there rain has almost stopped lightning is going even more berserk. That was about 30 minutes ago and the lightning is still going wild.


Luciferian apotheca only sell human bone powder in a $12.99 thank you


It would be ideal to get grave dirt myself i would love to the only problem with me collecting it myself the cemeterys around Adelaide Sth Australia in there is regular security patrol the cemetery as because in the past people have been going into cemetery and vandalize the place it is all fucked up.


Welcome to insanity. Lol! I know all too well. Many STRONG omens will come with storms.


Do what you have to do man. All I know is that the more energy you invest the better.


I ordered mine at the midnight release (which was two o’clock the next afternoon - we’re living in the future!!!) and am still waiting for it. The anticipation is the worst. Takes some time to get from one side of the planet to the other. I like to imagine it’s stowed away on a ship somewhere and (insert lovecraft/creep show fan fiction here).


I hate the anticipation. I have been there. Lol! In the meantime you can ask all the questions you like and I can answer to the best of my ability. It can take the edge off and help you understand a bit more of what you are gettin into. :wink:


Finally I have received my copy. It took one month to get it . Thanks to Indian post office :grimacing:


^ Awesome collection you got there mate! Impressive. :slight_smile:

Look forward to reading anything you share along the path with this.


Namaste Eva Devi :pray: :innocent:


Right next to The Scorpion God! HA! Mark would shit bricks! A lot of Primal Craft followers have obtained this work. Be sure to let me know your thoughts.


many thanks Kurtis .


How long is the ground charged for after it has been struck by lightening? Does it stay charged for a while? We had lightening hit 4 times by the front of our house in the past 3 years. The tree in our yard was hit as was two trees across the street and once in the middle of the street. We live on a Y. The house in the Y actually and it hit in that Y in the road. SO. Is the dirt in my yard good? It is Lightening hit crossroads dirt. That should be good. Right? I do not have the book yet but I am preparing! lol! I have graveyard dirt already - being a witch and all. Just because I don’t have the book doesn’t mean I can’t do stuff! (whispers: Must get the Precious!!!)


Once the soil is charged with the power of Zohak it stays charged. The power of lightening is the weapon of the storm fiend Zohak and it is what sends forth our desire upon this corporeal plane.