Just got an E-Cig

As the title says, I got an E-Cig. I’m going to use it for occult purposes. It’s gonna be interesting.

I had to order some VG and PG, I don’t know if I’m going to make some flavored mixes or not, but it will be interesting regardless.


What’s your plan for using it?

Probably evocation. Can’t do smoke because the smoke detector is stupid sensitive, and it’s 10 feet up.


For the vapor to be used as a medium for manifestation?

Exactly. I may also do some crazy where I imbue the vapor with effects as a way to hit people with magickal effects (by blowing the vapor into their face), for maximum douchery.


Interesting idea.

Yeah. The thing was, I was talking a walk, and as I was walking past the vape lounge, I felt the urge to go in and I had no idea why.

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Well if you get something out of it then good :+1:

Yeah, I just ordered the two main things for vape juice (Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin), so I could make my own mix. I don’t think I’ll be adding flavors to it until later maybe depending on stuff.

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Be sure and share if it helps or not. I’m interested.

I mean, I’ve read about people using the vapor as a medium for evocation, so there is a precedent for it.

I’m a bit more interested in the blasting people in the face with magick smoke tbh.


Thats a great idea, gonna use it for my psionic work. Laser pointers also do the job well.


Not to rain on your parade but how will that make a difference with the smoke alarm? Even vapor will set one off with enough of it. You could do what I do and just elastic band a garbage bag over it and take it off when the smoke clears.

If the system isnt connected to a large scale safety and security system ya should be able to pull the batteries or the power supply to it while your doing work with incense.

Ten feet up remember? My apartment has ten foot ceilings, and I don’t have a ladder or a place to put a ladder.