Just finished reading the Book of Smokeless Fire

Just wondering what/whom the author refers to when he says “the Order”
He said something along the lines of we humans have been oppressed and our liberties taken away, from what it sounds he is referring to the ‘illuminati’ or the ‘new world order’ conspiracy.

Even then, I heard that ‘illuminati’ is allegedly is deep into occult so, arent we in the same boat as them? Or maybe he means they are keeping these techniques secret from the masses therefore by publishing the book the author kind of “fights” the system?

I don’t think the Illuminati exists , just my opinion

it’s just S. Ben trying to be edgy, like most LHP authors.

Funny thing is, when I used to belong to some of thelemic orders, I heared a lot from different NWO youtubers and productions that Crowley was an Illuminati but sadly nothing special happened, no ruling over world, no lizardmen no golden bars… If half of what is said about iluminati was true we all would live more prosperous lives XD

@king_baal what are your other impressions after reading smokeless fire?

can you pls give us a line as an example?

As far as I remember he wrote here and there about ‘order’ as the counter force in universe toward destruction/ chaos. S. Ben Qayin writes that order is very strong nowadays (laws become stricter, we as human beings become transparent due to digitalization process, all the new rules we have to follow worldwide bc of the Corona virus,…), but it is necessary that these two forces are in balance. In the cabbalistic Tree of Life we also find the two forces represented, the pillars of the (masonic) temple… They are essential for creation and in mho, during life time we continuously have to make our choices between both of them. S. Ben Qayin wants us LHP practitioners to use the forces of Chaos (entities like Dschinn) in fighting for individualism, diversity and the ability to even have a choice - against generalization, unity. Isn’t this what we are here for? Being our own God instead of giving up ourselves for the benefit of another God outside of us… If we all gave up our true self, there would be nothing left at all, it would be the end. Until it may start all over again. :crazy_face:

“I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God…”