Just finished my first evocation

Ummm well it was something. My first spirit I contacted was vassago, I got alot of other spirits recommend but they just didn’t feel right so I just looked though the Goetia and found one I was drawn to. I started by drawing his sigil with a pencil and traced with a black marker. While doing so I thought about what I was gonna do, the emotion after the spirit is through with what I asked. Once I got the sigil drawn I lit some candles and played them out in a creccent pattern like this :point_right:):point_left: and started to do the evocation. I pulled my right hand forward and said “vassago, come before me” 3 times. After that I started to stare at the sigil and said the spirits enn. While doing this the only thing I noticed is that some of the lines disappeared and reappeared and it looked like a heat wave was over the sigil. After about another minute of repeating the enn I still don’t sense him. I keep repeating the enn for another minute and for some reason I feel the need to reach my hand out. Once my hand is about 2 feet above the sigil I feel a cool pocket of air, i think this is him telling me that he is here??? After that I tell him that I need help with my psychic abilities so I can communicate with you, and after that I peacefully departed and blew out the candles. I put his sigil in my journal and went about my day. Happy saint Patrick’s day​:four_leaf_clover:. I feel that this is going to work but I’m not sure how it will.


Congratulations, it did sound like a successful one as you felt physical presence and had the Sigil flashing. Go on forth with different breathing techniques and meditative techniques to further enhance your senses and ability to pick up on currents.

This comes from strengthening the perception of the unseen. Countless ways to practice this. I am doing Qi gong at the moment.

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Sounds like you connected with him. It’s nice you were able to feel the cold. Definitely was in the right trance state.

You’re best bet with Vassago is to invoke him while learning and reading tarot cards. Get you a basic Rider-Waite deck (if financially feasible), do a daily card pull. And then meditate on the meaning, symbolism, etc. of that same card. Try even visualizing the cards in your mind (completely). Don’t worry if you have to keep looking at the card. Eventually it will appear completely in your mind’s eye. This will help with clairvoyance. Also reading the cards will help with your intuition after you start to decode the symbols within the tarot.

If for some reason you can’t afford a tarot deck, you can buy a deck of regular playing cards. Online there are websites that actually list the equivalents between the tarot deck and playing cards. At least, with the playing cards you’re still practicing divination and you’re building onto your intuition. Just cleanse the cards and charge them before the first usage.

If you work with Vassago daily or even weekly, naturally you’ll start being able to hear him in your head and get messages, symbols, and synchronicities. But it can take some time depending on the person so don’t get discouraged.

I’m glad to hear it was successful! I guess now I will just meditate on his enn and see if he will be willing to help me with my senses.