Just few questions about Belial

Hey everyone ! :blush:

So I wanted to write this message since a while already, but wasn’t sure of myself. As I said in my introduction, I am new in magick and really started gathering infos last year after seeing Belial’s name in one of my dream (with Abaddon aswell, but it was less… visible I would say).
Two other weird things happened aswell, again in my sleep, and I suspect it was probably one of them trying to reach out to me.

I need to precise, before that I had never heard about them, or at least I never was really interested in demons (but interested in spirituality overall). My life was a mess, since my 14 years old, I couldn’t find my place in the world and I would beg to have some help. I just needed a bit of hope in my life, to help me continue. And so finally, I got what I asked, which wasn’t what I was expecting at all, but I am really thankful for that. So that’s a bit of background.

Now I have a few questions, on which I couldn’t find the answers I was looking for, as I would like to evoke Belial first.
What are his favorite incenses and crystals ? From what I’ve read, it’s a bit different for everybody, though I’ve seen sandalwood is one of his favorite.
Should I offer him something ? I kinda want to, but I’ve already quit one of my bad habit I had since 10 years, so I feel like it’s already a pretty good sacrifice :laughing:

Last one is more a doubt than a question in itself honestly, as I am not sure about my psychic senses, if I will be able to hear, see or feel his energy in the room. I used to experience a lot of “paranormal” stuff when I was younger (hear voices, see and feel things) but it stopped happening years ago. So I’m trying to work on them again, but yeah… I might just see how it goes I suppose :sweat_smile:

Thanks for reading !

About incense and offering, offer the incense itself; you may use dragon blood.
Psychic senses automatically improve when they are necessary, involved. But it’s also possible to prepare them beforehand; concentrating between eyebrows or on forehead, and practicing visualization are two ways to improve clairvoyance. For clairaudience concentrate on your throat and vibrate Ham (i.e. “hhaamm”).


This is a level of detail he doesn’t care about. He’s not a weeb, he cares about real things not pomp and circumstance. Be real, be raw, and you’ll get on just fine.


Everyone has different methods for any spirit. Offerings aren’t necessary but if you’d feel better doing it than you should. Remember you are the center of the universe when you do the work. All spiritual experiences start from within. Trust your intuition.

I do recommend meditation practice. Learning to differentiate what are your own thoughts and how to stop them versus a “download” from an outside source can take time but ALL people are capable of it. It’s not a super power it’s natural.

Belial is awesome though. I recently evoked him outside … pretty deep in the forest for a specific purpose.

I used my own methodology - the entire time mosquitos were landing all over me and I ignored them as best I could- when the atmosphere shift happened and I knew he was there all the mosquitos left - it was crazy weird. The whole time he was present and I laid out the task they were completely gone - when I closed the working they immediately all flew back and were biting with a vengeance. Crazy little things like that show the reality of this stuff.

Work with him - you won’t regret it


Ah yes I had the feeling he was like that. Just had some doubts and needed some answers. Thank you :slight_smile:

I do meditate everyday, but when it comes to the “thoughts” part, it’s different, as there is always such a mess in my head, like thinking about 3 things at the same time. But I’m starting to understand how to not focus on them, slowly but surely.

From what I read, everyone says Belial is awesome, and I believe it, he seems like an amazing guy honestly. I saw somewhere that he is quite honest and has a great sens of humor, so I cannot wait to work with him !
Mosquitos, those are the real bad guys, annoying as always :laughing:

Belial’s favorite color is green. He loves cats, and he loves green. His favorite plant is mullein, which you can burn as an incense and smells quite interesting. Not bad, necessarily, the first time I did my mom described it as similar to hotdogs.

He’s also… a bit of a voyeur. He likes to watch people do it, is what I mean, and accept that as an offering.

Your best go-to if you’re new to any spirit, though, is loyalty. He likes to be flattered and buttered up, so lay it on thick, like, “Great and terrible Belial, Lord of the Earth,” etc.


Thanks for the infos !
I feel like a lot of demons loves cats, correct me if I’m wrong though. But I totally understand why, I have a lot of cats myself.

A bit of a voyeur ? Oh well :flushed:

Being loyal make sense to me, it wouldn’t even come in my mind to be disrespectful or anything like that anyway.

For clairaudience focus on sounds?

Yes, on remembering them, maybe imagining sounds improves clairaudience.

remembering feelings
So if I’m in a car and I feel another car hit the car I’m in?
Without a car actually hitting us

Some authors agree that the operator must possess a strong imagination… so yeah, in this way it would be possible to create a “sensorial vessel” for the entity.

Ok well I’m the entity or do you mean the feeling of the car?
I don’t know what you mean by sensorial vessel.

There are 2 points of view: the Spirits have their forms and sounds, or the magician needs to provide them. So, if it’s possible to create the feeling of a car hitting another one, the operator indeed is also capable of visualizing/“hearing” how an entity will look and sound like.

I respect Belial greatly, but I also fear him greatly. If you’re new to magick I always suggest you work with whatever spirit brings up a warm feeling inside your stomach, that’s when you know you’ve chosen the right one. However, everyone goes towards the Kings of Hell because of their power, just prepare yourself.

I am prepared. And I would like to say that I didn’t chose them, they found me. I was in pretty bad shape all those years, last year was hard but they gave me that little spark of hope I was looking for :stuck_out_tongue:
Surprisingly, I do not fear them (maybe I should lol), but I respect them greatly.

On another note, I’ve called Belial 3 days ago, wasn’t able to hear or see anything, but I felt like he was listening.
And, my clairaudience is waking up, I was able to hear few things yesterday in my bed, but nothing clear yet. Also had a vision of a dark silhouette wearing a hoody in a mirror, no idea who it might be.

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