Just evoked lord lucifer

I am freaking out ( in the good and bad sense of the word) I just did a small ritual for lord lucifer and I think he was here, I wasn’t very connected to the energies but I was to afraid to do anything earlier and I asked him to remove the fear and he did, I literally felt no fear, I also felt this worm feeling/ heaviness in my neck head, also I am freaking out because this wasn’t the most put together ritual and I hope he didn’t get mad about that (also I didn’t have any offerings on me ) and I was doubtful the whole ritual idk why, if there is anyone with more experience with lord lucifer I would really like to ask him some things
also: thank you lord lucifer !
Edit: I left out some important parts, before the ritual I kept seeing a white orb
and when I closed my eyes I very vividly saw this blue energy made eye, also I kept seeing things move ? But nothing was moving when I look at it, also I evoked him once before and I felt this calm peaceful energy, this time I am not that connected energetically (didn’t sleep)


Thanks for sharing!


I don’t have more experience… but I just tried to invoke him… not sure if it was successful or not. I did get some things… images… but I’m not sure that it was him…I’d be interested in comparing notes


How was your experience?

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I am happy to share


Like you, I didn’t feel connected to the energy.

You said you felt the warm feeling and I didn’t feel that.

I wasn’t able to get the sigil to flash but I did burn it and direct sexual energy to it.

I didn’t have offerings either as I have nothing on hand and wasn’t able to get anything but I burned incense and a candle and my plan was to let him tell me what he wanted for offerings (I literally have nothing in my house right now but cereal, not even water… going shopping tomorrow)

As I meditated, after burning the sigil and chanted his enn a bit, I saw a few things.

I did see a small man (small because he was distant) dressed in white, kind of a bright shining white. I asked if this was Lucifer and I got a yes… but I’m not sure… each time I tried to say something I got cut off… like it was talking over me…: but I felt as though this may have just been my mind, and not Lucifer. Especially since the man in white was so far off to the right, that he was small in my vision. As I write this, I kind of feel like he was standing on a street corner.

After this, there was something that happened between two men, that seemed to have some significance but I don’t remember it.

I then saw one of those beautiful colorful Mexican sugar skulls that are white with all the colors… it was large in my vision.

I saw what looked like Cinderella’s coach that took her to the ball… the coach itself was very vague and colorless to me… almost not there, but the door was very visible to me and a vivid golden color.

This is all that I remember from this… I conscious but in a somewhat meditative state… but I almost felt as if I was asleep and dreaming.

I wasn’t getting much that I understood so I just ended… I’m not sure if this was contact with Lucifer or not… I asked for some sort of really obvious sign that he was here but didn’t get anything.

Anyway… what do you think… and what does everyone else think?

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I am not sure, I think he heard you but I don’t know tbh I hope someone with more experience can tell us

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Did he tell you anything ?

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Yes. I hope so… I might have to make it a specific topic also… idk. We’ll see what we get. What was your experience?


I feel like something was said in that period that is blacked out… with the two men… but I really can’t remember for some reason.

I’m not sure.

For whatever reason… when I try to flash the sigil, it makes my eyes heavy and close. And like I said, that period was almost like I was dreaming… so I remembered for a moment… but the recollection of it quickly disintegrated


I personally think my fear blocked me from connecting completely, I got the sigle to flash, and I just opened up and kept talking to him, I did feel his energy, and he told me something’s to do, he said some of the things I heard is my subconscious mind


That could be.

I tried to set aside my expectations and rational analytical mind… and my ego… maybe it was still in the way? Idk.

Maybe something will happen in my dreams.

How long did your ritual last?


I think 35/40 minutes, did you ask for anything


Oh ok… see and I started about 12:33 and finished at about 2…

No I didn’t ask for anything… maybe I should have.

I didn’t ask because:
A. I wasn’t 100% sure he was there
B. This was my first time trying to contact him, so I didn’t want to ask for anything… I wanted to introduce myself and get to know him…

but maybe I should have asked for something… maybe receiving it would have been a proof of his presence or not.


Did you ask for anything?


I’m not sure what his color are… but everytime I think of him I see this bright, shining blue… as a response to your edit


Yes I did, I asked for some things that I really wanted, now that I think about it I am sure he was there, I asked him to remove my fear and then when it was time for the ritual I felt no fear, nothing, also when I was in the ritual I don’t know what happened to me I was hypnotised, I didn’t see him but I heard him in my head, also I asked him for a headache to know that his here, and I had that neck, head pain and now I am heaving the sweetest headache I ever felt also I am feeling this warmth that I know is his energy I am just in denial


Wow. Yes, it sounds like he was there then.

Interesting that you say you felt hypnotized and don’t know what happened… maybe I really did connect with him then… because I have that same experience. I know something went on between those two men… but I have no idea what. And again… when I asked if the man in white was Lucifer… I got a yes, just not sure if it was him or my mind.

Hail Lucifer and thank you Lucifer (just in case, lol)


Can you describe the man in white ?

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I didn’t see any features… he was so far away from me. I just saw that he was in white… like white robes… or a toga maybe… I can’t even really say what his “skin color” was… though I think he was white…

He definitely had a powerful, wise and knowing presence to him though… maybe kind of dark and brooding even?? (That is both a statement and a question to myself)

Like I said… he was distant and to the diagonal right of me… kind of seemed like he stood on a street corner… like he was down the street from me. Lol. I know that’s weird but that’s how it seemed.

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