Just Dealing With Sexual Desire and the Anxiety and Depression That Comes With It

I’m sorry for harping on this. However I feel like I need to say this. Yes, I want to get laid. I mean who doesn’t. But sometimes I wonder if sex and relationships seems are the only thing in life worth striving for, as if all we are programmed to do is mate, reproduce, and die. Seriously, its depressing. I can remember as a kid wanting more out of life than that. Now as a young adult, part of my depression stems from not being able to achieve it. Its as if the purpose of our lives is to fuck and then offer our selves to a new generation that will one day have to do the same. It just doesn’t feel right.

Not to mention how fucking sick I am of how society treats sex. Either its bad, sleazy, and negative or its the most important fuckin thing that not everyone gets to partake in it. I mean, really. We can’t find a happy fuckin medium? We can’t just let it be one of various ways to enrich one’s life? It has to be some sort of extreme? Look around you. How does one symbolize success other than either flaunting their good looks or their fuck partner in the same way they flaunt their wealth? It seems like all life is about is lording something over someone else. FUCK! And HELL, wanna get into feminism? Women are no different than trophies, symbols of status. Their traditionally valued for their beauty and innocence and paraded around like fancy cars and gold watches. On the flip side, men are valued only for their ability to succeed. Even today, we still have this feudal era mindset of men marrying for sex and status and women marrying for wealth and comfort. Hell, we still idealize it as innocent and wholesome. If anyone, man or woman, wants something different out of life, they’re often viewed as immoral. If someone hasn’t had the luck to achieve this way of life, they’re viewed as losers. As for love, it can’t really exist in a society where one is pressured in marrying and raising kids.

Even in a society where sex is basically everywhere, you can’t even go out and look for it, or at least doing so honestly. Oh yes, women posting sexy pics and even making videos on porn sites, and its so wrong for a guy to simply take notice. Yes, there are tons of guys who are disrespectful, but simply showing some attention when a woman puts her self out there shouldn’t be a bad thing. Yes, there is a right way to do so. And by the way, those same men who objectify women also mistreat other men. See below.

Hell, even how you treat others isn’t as important as fuckin. I suppose ethics is optional so long as you can lord sex or money over others. Like I said, sex is either evil or the only thing that matters. Either you are immoral for seeking it out or you don’t have to be fuckin descent person so long as you succeed. You can be a complete and utter asshole so long as you can flaunt your conquests around, whether you’re male or female. I have no problem if someone wants to be attractive and/or have lots of sex. Really, I don’t. However, that shouldn’t come before being descent.

I see so many topics about love or sex spells. “Will my ex come back to me?” “Will I get a girl friend?” “Will she fall in love with me?” Yes, I’m one of those people desperate for some romantic companionship. However, every so often, I see how that affects me. We are blessed with possibly the most beautiful thing the universe can give us, something that can enrich our lives beyond our imagination, and yet most of how we want to use it is to achieve material wealth and fuck. I’m not saying this is bad, but don’t we want more from life than this? Not to mention, imagine how it looks. Would I be attracted to someone so obsessed with sex and money? No! I only ask for what I can offer and only offer what I want. I want more out of life than wealth and sex. I want to be a unique entity in this universe, and even for a one night stand, by partner should be no different.

In a post I made regarding insecurities about sexuality and a desire to call on Lilith, I talked about some part of me I call the monster. Well, here it is. This is the monster, a beast rejected by this sex obsessed society and has decided that not only should it not be so judgmental regarding sex, but there should be more to life than sex. This is the monster in its full glory. Right here. Look upon me and quake in fear for you behold the monster. Though if you find him agreeable, then that’s okay too. Whether or not anyone likes it, sex is not only okay but its not the most important thing. And I will not be made to feel inferior just because I’m not some alpha male, just as no woman should feel inferior just because she’s not some awkwardly dis proportioned mannequin we see in Hollywood.

I’m writing this to get it off my chest. Who ever feels offended, oh well. Who ever feels inspired, then let your monster out.


I am also dealing with a strong desire for sex. I also suffer from extreme social anxiety and depression due to different thoughts including world insecurity caused by Muslims and anxiety.

Women have the opportunity to have sex whenever they like. They dress in a seductive way and expose their body and when a man takes a look at the exposed part they get offended. Women hit and harass men but if a man is to hit back his fellow men will beat him to a pup. Feminists cry for women’s right when in reality they truly dont know what they are fighting for. They want womens right when they already have the right to hit men and the men shouldnt hit back. Women collect some of the men’s property when they call out for a divorce. What else do they need. It is a mans duty to take care of them and woo them.
The other day a man from Zimbambwe ate rat poison when his wife which he took with him to UK accused him of assaulting and mistreating her. He was afraid of what will be done to him by the government who are also men like him and are supposed to protect mens interest just as women protect eachothers interest.

Men have the mentality that it is their duty to take care of women in every way including financially. I weep everytime i see men being hit by women and they dare not hit back. Where is mens right?! It is time for men to stand up for their right.

Someone just scammed me of 10,000 naira equivalent to 27.60 dollars when i contacted him to help me do a talisman like object to make any woman fall in love with me. He moved away from where he stays and he no longer pick my calls. I am yet to place a baneful curse on him.

Wonderfully lucid! Nature wants one only thing for you: that you reproduce - the rest of the time is yours to use as you like.
In order to reproduce one has to be alive, and we became so very good at surviving! That incessant practice made is so utterly intelligent…
Finally we got to the point of being the ultimate predators. We could attack our own species, we could prey on any element of nature.
The huge and often unused amount of intelligence allowed us to go further, there came science, the arts, technology… In a sense a fugue of Bach is a by-product of our necessity to survive, from the call of nature to reproduce.
But that called remained there. We became masters of deceit, we could delude ourselves in or quest for pleasure.
Our nature seemed to say: “I ask only reproduction from you, the rest is yours to enjoy”.
That sounded simple, but the price is huge.
That drive, old and primeval, determines all our existence. All the capacity we have for manifesting a civilization. All the possibilities of being sane.
At this point we might ask ‘why is that all for ‘?
Perhaps that is the only inescapable drive to take us somewhere? The only way man could never resist to the necessity of learning?
Still deterministic but perhaps valid, our even “good” intentioned?
The other path is that of saying “no” to that drive.
But so few are honestly interested in that. Most only hide herein their frustration.
Sex was even paired up to “love”. We use the expression’to make love’!
Desire replaces love in so many ways and that makes easier to transform the real drive for love into a consumerist drive for immediate satisfaction.
We say ‘I love that car’; "I love those shoes’.
We are well trained into accepting huge lies. It takes great amounts of energy not to do so.
Your power observation is so good. Knowing how to see, honing attention, shall take you a long way up the path.
Thank you for sharing!

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Man it’s like you took that whole post from my thoughts. I’ve been struggling with that too. But let’s think with our minds first. Everyone has a NEED for intimacy, both love AND sex. And if it’s not met, we suffer either socially or psychologically, so it’s not something that we can just easily throw away. Now to think with your heart. Doesn’t everyone want someone to call their own? Someone who shares your interests and enjoys spending time with you? Someone to be a filthy sex demon around and also to cuddle and write poems for? I think everyone wants love and/or sex. Sure, there’s more to life that is definetly true, but it’s difficult to focus on that “more” when your sexual and emotional needs aren’t being met. Nothing wrong with wanting it, it’s just important not to panic at the thought of being alone. Know that almost no one never finds love and that you too will probably find a lover one day as well, when the time is right.

The post by @Ardax was quite nice, you can learn from that.
However, it seems like you are one the individuals who is able to see that there are problems in todays society. Of course you are not the first one who realized that and many people are working 80 hours a week 24/7 to change that.
But your view on sex isnt anything special. Ask anyone in the western/civilized world “Is sex the most important thing in life?” and they will of course answer “No”. Sexually frustrated people often times dont get it because their negative view obscures their view. There simply are certain “social games” as I would call it, that must be played, with the normal people of the masses, to achieve certain things. Either you are able to conform to that or you have to shine with something else. For example: dedication, pursuit of life goals, personality. Of course as you have mentioned yourself you can also use corruption: Money, power etc.

That is because we Are programmed to do so. And the next step (that was done by many before) is to realize that, as you did, and act in another way. Thinking of bigger things, things that dont end 2 generations after you. Humanity did a good job in this, take a look where we are right now. Space shuttles, Nukes, Airplanes, Quantum Physics…etc. There is no way we could have made these things up if we were just focused on sex. Most people are, of course they are because they live like cattle. Consuming and reproducing, but thank God there are enough high-IQ individuals who work for humanitys progress. Either you are one of them or your a member of the cattle. Choose your side, but remember: if you are able to choose between these things you belong to the smart group.

We actually did. No one in the western/civilized world looks down on you for your sexual desires because nearly everyone can relate to you. The only people who see sex as something completely bad are extremists, even they often times worship traditionell/vanilla sex.

Yes for the stupid members of the cattle that is correct. Observe it, learn from it, do it better, that sets us apart from the masses.

Yes the concept of men and women in todays society is hypocritical and broken, we have to do hard work to change that.

They are more often celebrated for being altruistic or determined.

Just wrong. Also remember: You are not oppressed, but you suppress yourself.

I do understand that. It would be just too nice if you could be direct with your intentions, but like I just wrote above, you have to play those stupid games to get people from the mainstream.

They are optional and they always were. But the consequences are predictable.

Most people dont have a problem with that.

Finding a real fitting partner is a calculation and/or manipulation game. You have to go to places where like-minded people meet. You have to go out every weekend because the mathematical probability is really low. Or you find someone with a fitting basis. Then you come together and you start forming this person to your desires. In a Male-Female relationship that is normally the case.

Now you start to get silly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: None of these aspects get associated with a monster. Sounds more like a person with an 90+ IQ.

Not offended But you simply need to know that everything depends on yourself. It is just a matter of will and self-reflection. You have to grow, your frustrations just hold you back.
Anger isnt the answer in a matter of love.


Nice detailed rebuttal. I find the desire for sex a strong distraction as of late and I’m looking for a way to use it constructively for myself/others and weighing the pros and cons vs. waiting for someone I know is going to enter my life in the future. If I come up with something, I’ll share here.

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Agree the desire for sex can be at times too much that you can drop to your knees and be begging for some action haha. Not really sure why people make sex such taboo subject though when we’re programmed to mate and reproduce. Everyone is having and if they’re not in the future they will, it’s as simple as that. Now speaking on feminism I support females and want equality, but cannot stand feminists. It’s not that I hate them, but people complain a lot about the wrong things. There are things that guys can do that girls can’t and vice versa. Like I NEVER have heard a guy say “ I wish I can get pregnant and carry a baby”. They literally carried each of us for 9 months. That is such a huge responsibility and also a blessing. Females and males have their role in nature and society. Once people start messing with that that’s where things go south. Everyone has a part to play both male and female. Maybe I’m wrong who knows. Just my thoughts.

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Last night I had a dream that I was constantly looking for Lilith. I feel as if it was a representation of a constant search for a romantic partner. I felt weak and desperate.

I disagree about gender roles. Eventually, society will find ways to even out gender abilities. I have no problem with that because I don’t think it will impact my life. However, I do hate feminism. One reason is is that whatever it argues for women, it certainly has no concern with men. For example, why is it okay to make jokes about male rape victims but it is unsightly to make jokes about female rape victims?

I have a friend who’s trying to move away from her abusive Aswang of a mom (She’s Philippino), and I suggested she moves in with my family, we’ve known her for years and have an extra bedroom. She said if she did she’d pay rent. While that wouldn’t be necessary, I admire the integrity. THAT IS WHAT REAL FEMINISM SHOULD BE.

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Sure, if I have $200.

Honestly just ask in a way thats not awkward or too straight forward if you dont get any try again

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