Just curious if others have experienced past lives in dreams

I am of the belief that I have been the following things at least once in a past life or stage of existence (depending on your philosophy for reincarnation);

  • A white songbird (male)

  • A commander of the navy (male)

  • A Egyptian/African priestess (at least twice, once for each)

  • a Celtic farmer or commonfolk (I think female but I’m not sure)

I may have been other things but these are the ones I’ve had random memories or dreams about most often.

If you’ve experienced or suspected a past life in your dreams or memories then please share your experiences if you wish. :slight_smile:


Not really the same but I recieved a vision of the moment before my reincarnation once :thinking:


I saw myself as a native American girl in my dreams, I was a part of some tribe and all my family/tribe was killed and some were captured including me.
That’s what I saw.
That’s my most vivid dream… The brutality of those killings were enough to make me lose sleep for a week and more… It was horrifying

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How would you know if it’s a past life dream, or just a dream ?

Many dreams are dramatic and vivid to some degree… what indicates that this is a memory recall in a dream state and not subconscious projection ?

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I had a past life in Liverpool, UK. Was somewhere in the 1940s-1950s.

Also had a past life somewhere in the US but died young.

I had one in 1600s England.

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Usually when there is some information in the dream that I couldn’t have known otherwise…


Yes that would definitely be a clear sign, Thank you.

I don’t remember that I had past life dreams before, but I had several visions of future events. I guess the principle is the same. Should pay attention to my dreams more often.

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I was an ancient Roman woman who died in childbirth. The father of the baby is a friend in this life.

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I was a blue person from Sirius …

A number of years back I was very tired of being here and I told my spirit family that I needed some sort of communication to help me tough it out in this reality! That night I dreamed of my home planet. I am a starseed and I dreamt of a city that looked like it was entirely made of glass. I kept calling it the glass city till I found information online that mentioned crystal cities can be found in the Sirius solar system and I immediately knew that this dream was of me wandering in the abandoned city that I came from before incarnating to earth. I was totally alone there and realized it was no longer habitable but I didn’t want to leave. I woke up feeling an immense sense of loss hoping that I would get a glimpse of my home more often but have not dreamed of it since that night.

I understand time is an illusion and there are tons of expressions of “ourselves” out there in the ethers, but in this reality I strongly believe I was a blue person from Sirius in my most recent non human incarnation.

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That’s one way to know. Another way I know is recurring dreams or memories that feel familiar but there’s no way to explain its familiarity; kind of like a memory dèjá vu. I’ve had a lot of dreams where I was flying but the bird dream stuck out for me because it felt like I was living a familiar life by perching on trees and looking around as well. Also the essence of a battlefield feels very familiar to me and so a militaristic past life would explain a lot of whys about me.

I also think that we can prove reincarnation if we have a way to track life energy since science already proves that we have auras (electromagnetic force fields to be more precise). When a body dies it’s only logical that the energy that was already produced will dissipate into the air.

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i saw my self on the ziggurat of ur.

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