Just completed lake of fire

So I haven’t been posting for a while since I was quite busy but I think I should share this one with you.
I realize that this sort of report was probably already posted on here but I figured can’t hurt to do one more.
So for quite some time now I wanted to do the lake of fire ritual from the Book of Azazel and finally I found people willing to participate. To my surprise I found even more people than I needed actually so I had to do some modifications to the ritual.
Today we managed to come to an agreement and carry out the ritual. It’s quite a weird feeling so my writing might be weird too. Anayways, we actually had 5 people including me, everyone is quite experienced.
Prior to the ritual I did some divination and the most favourable outcome for me would be manifested if I become a sort of channeler in the middle of the circle. I won’t go too much into the details of the ritual since it’s pretty much 95% as described in the book except I let the demons to use my body to communicate with the others and I was in the middle of the circle.

The circle and triangles were laid out, the sigils and incense prepared, the elixir premixed, then I’ve done some banishing, after that I’ve performed exorcism of the elixir. During the exorcism of divine from the blood I felt the energy from the ground coming through my body into the elixir, it felt really hot. After that I sprinkled the elixir all over the place and went about the circle counter clockwise while reading the invocation of omnipotence, i could feel vibrations in the air and some kind of shift of time-space continuum if you will. Then I entered the circle where the other 4 were waiting and took my place, sigils of archangels were destroyed, demons were evoked, I could feel the presence which intensified with every demon. When the last demon arrived the heat was pretty intense and my body started shaking, then one of the participants comanded demons to enter my body and speak through me.
I could feel all four demons merging with me and what I felt next seemed like them fighting over the right to speak.
The lake of fire was opened and I felt immense heat even though it was -24C outside and the building was heated poorly, I wore a t shirt and jeans. My mind was more the mind of the demons at this point and I only observed what was happening to me and acknowledged that.
After the ritual I feel like I’m not quite in this world.
I feel nauseated and like I’m filled with something yet I feel emptiness. It’s like I am filled with pure condensed nothing.
When one of the participants asked me if I was happy with the ritual , I didn’t really know what to say because I didn’t feel nothing. I knew in my mind I should be happy or at least I should have some sense of fulfilment but I didn’t care, still don’t, about anything.
Yes and everyone could actually feel the flame, everyone saw it, someone better, someone worse.
Everyone has pretty much similar feeling too.

Lake of Fire ritual? Do you mean The Gatekeeper ritual?

The one that involves evoking the 4 gate keepers of hell - Azazel, Abaddon, Amaymon and Belial?

[quote=“DeathWish, post:2, topic:7082”]Lake of Fire ritual? Do you mean The Gatekeeper ritual?

The one that involves evoking the 4 gate keepers of hell - Azazel, Abaddon, Amaymon and Belial?[/quote]

Yeah, that’s the one, I didn’t know if there was any “official” name for this ritual so I just went with calling it lake of fire.

Forgot to mention that everyone did a qliphotic meditation on qlipha lilith prior to this ritual. This meditation was not related to the ritual but probably influenced it in some way.

I’ll also add my impressions from today.
Still feel quite weird, a feeling I can’t quite describe, some weird pressure inside my chest, some kind of stream perpetually entering my crown chakra, a feeling I could call disappointment for the lack of a better word. It generally feels like some part of me is dying slowly and painfully, which is not surprising I suppose given the nature of the ritual. At the same time, I have this zero fucks given attitude.