Just checking in

How’s it going everyone? I’m checking in from job corps. I’m training as a CNA and working toward training as an LPN and probably going back in the military(not sure which branch though)… I have been keeping up with my workings when reasonable(which is a lot harder than it sounds) but I have also had some pretty amazing magical experiences down here.

I’ve been communicating with the spirits primarily through number signals(numerology) and Stichomancy readings… I have been able to keep up with my divination thanks to the internet(though I have to be careful who I do it around as no one knows anything about that aspect of myself, and I prefer to keep it that way). I have had to be extremely careful with my evocations and where I hide my sigils.

All that aside Things are fucking amazing. I’ve actually had 2 kundalini experiences while in the program(during the few chances I get to meditate) but I had “assistance,” and while I haven’t astral projected yet, I had and experience in that same night where that reality Overlapped my own temporarily(and got visuals when I had my eyes closed). I have even recently manifested some things in my life that blew me away in a way(because I wasn’t expecting the spell to work in a way, not like that anyway)

magic aside things are going great. I am literally the smartest person here(which honestly really sucks) close to being in the best shape(I can actually do a human flag now, if I haven’t ate too much) gained even more muscle weight, and Play on the local sports teams. my social life is much more active than what I’m used to(it really irritates me honestly, I have to go home this weekend because I need some silence and Isolation) but that’s something I just have to learn to deal with. On the plus side this allows me to get a chance to experiment with “social engineering” as long as I’m not obvious about it.

well, I look forward to getting back on the forum in the future… later guys

sounds like you’re having a wonderful summer Icarus

God luck with all your endeavors.

Glad to hear your having a great experience with Job Corps, keep making reality yours.