Just been shown a guy attacking me with an entity

I was given the name, Simineigh (or a spelling close to that, but I can’t recall exact spelling). The name began with Sim and I’m not certain but ended with neigh?

Can anyone recognise this entity? What is its name and who is its’ superior? Which pantheon does it come from?

I need to get this silly guy off my back.

No, but do you need it’s name? You know it exists, your subconscious can find it no problem. Summon it and have a word in it’s shell-lke. :woman_shrugging:


I prefer its name - not comfortable with doing it like you describe as that kind of approach led to trouble for me in the past, plus my upper chakras are a bit jacked up at the moment.

Thinking, Lucifer can banish this anyway.

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Think it could be Zimimay?

Sounds close

THESE 72 Kings be under the Power of AMAYMON, CORSON, ZIMIMAY or ZIMINIAR, and GÖAP, who are the Four Great Kings ruling in the Four Quarters, or Cardinal Points, East, West, North, and South

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I agree on Zimimay, since in the early languages and modern, soft and hard letter sounds, as well as gutterals in some languages.

Something tells me, no. But thanks for trying.

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