Just another Thanks to Belial

Not long ago when I posted the pick of my sigil again hanging crooked, I asked why, didn’t get much of an answer. It is ok. That next night (due to a migraine) i went into my sanctum for envokation, and used my pendulum for a Q&A on the issue. I was told that he wanted to extend the Pact time as we had 3 days left. During the previous couple months I was asking him to help me see to the squelching of my wifes effort to purchasing or even renting a huse she had found in an area we really want to live in but it really does not meet what I want, in size or especially cost. I (as usual, dammit and don’t forget it!) had a better program, it would take at least a year, but would result in being done my way and (of course ,better).
Well during our session i asked him a question he really kinda gets annoyed me asking, “will you be helping me with my financial and economic goals?”, I got a yes, but the vibe was really- exasperated, but a definet yes, and frankly I felt asshat for asking–again.
Well for the next week, at the bidding and efforts of my wife with me pretty much doing nothing to help as of course it simply would not be happening-right? We made several loan apps for expenses, for what I knew was a laughable sum and no way would we ever get it. Then one night after I knew we had shot at every target for a 39% loan possible, she bellowed, O my god we got the loan!!" Yeah right, just another bs lead along. till I read the approval from our bank of all places! For all we needed, +plus a huge credit card which we did not ask or apply for. The loan, 17% ! the credit card- 0% for the first year. The person we were buying the house from decided he wanted too close in 2 weeks- Well, The loan came through 3 days after we extended the pact and the roll since then has been unreal. In the past 5 years i have lost everything i damn near died too many time gaining- but now literally over night i will be with 20k of all i lost, and the future he has laid out before me, will make it unnecessary to play the lottery again, as I will be in a bubbling cauldron of money all around me.
Moral of the story- i believe if your ‘Demon mentor’ really cares about you- it may be very likely they will absolutely NOT deliver what you want them to, but deliver something much much better by means you may have specifically prohibited, and begged them not to. This is not the only time this has happened, but sure is appreciated. In 3 days I will be out of commo for awhile- but know that Belial is taking very good care of my previously hopeless future! Belial, I love you and Terra-giga Thanks!
Thanks also to EA- and also Lady Eva.

SO pleased for you!!

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