Just Another Introduction

Hi all! I’m Britt and I’m from the state of SC. I’ve always been interested in the occult and tried a few spells. About a year ago I had a bit of an awakening and I’ve been practicing since. I’m an intuitive tarot reader, empathic, and have a few of the clairs. I’m also what a friend from across the pond describes as a banshee medium; dead things seem to like me (I can see deaths prior to occurrence, sometimes tell when someone will pass, see past events regarding death, and spirits really like me).

I have a few other witchy friends and I’ve dabbled in different types of magick; white magic, voodoo, and rootwork. I’ve always been drawn to the darker works, unlike most of my friends, and want to do left hand path and pathworking. Freya has also seemed to selected me so I’m working with her as well.

My biggest struggles are probably doubt/faith if something is working since most of this is new to me.


Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome @Valkyrie17

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Welcome :blush:

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