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Hello everyone. My name is Max and am a newbie here. I am 58 years old and while having been involved in metaphysics since I was 14, I only discovered magick in a practical way a few years ago. I have been working mostly from the Gallery of Magick books, but have read numerous other works and have perused a Grimoire or two. In fact I am building my own “Grimoire of Max” based on my own experiences. I thought it a good idea to connect with magickally like minded people as I find little sympathy for this subject from my current coworkers.



How many is a few?

Do you have a preferred book to work from?

Welcome :blush:

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome Max.
I am new here too, hope to see you around!

I built my first Servitor in October 2017, a being to help me sleep during the day as I do shift work. So I’m only three years old on that front. I was and have been a firm believer in the power of imagination, a la Neville Goddard since the mid 90’s and I have been attempting astral projection since 1979 (without conscious success!)
Sadly, the notion of using Demons and Angels to help out was only recently revealed to me.
As far as the GOM books go, I have them all. Mostly I have worked from “Magickal Protection” and “The 72 Angels of Magick”



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