Just an introduction

Hey, I´m Chris.

2 nights ago I had a dream in which EA Koetting visited me in my room and we discussed some things (can´t exactly remember what it was about). Due to this I ended up checking out his youtube channel again, then browsed this forum and felt compelled to answer to a thread so I figured I might aswell introduce myself real quick.
I´m still a somewhat sceptical beginner when it comes to magick but I firmly believe that there is AT LEAST “something” to it.

So yea, hi again!

Edit: Also…who stole my name and forced me to write myself with 2 S´s. grumbles



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Thank you!

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Welcome. What do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

Well, in terms of actual practical practice I haven´t done a lot. Most of my time so far has been spent on figuring out which way I want to go, what interests me and what doesn´t.
I can say the following though:
I´ve always been interested in Lucifer, even back when I was raised Christian, and since a few months now I officially call myself a Luciferian when asked.
I do think that I am communicating with demons (enter my sceptical side), but I can´t say for sure whether this is true or whether I´m talking to myself in my head. There is no hard evidence that I am talking to a demon but sometimes it does feel like it.
I have also asked Lilith for a Succubus with which I´m in contact (same no hard evidence thing as above).

So coming back to actual practice: as I said I haven´t done a lot besides maybe 1-2 rituals where I light a candle and focus on Lucifer. I mainly go with what feels right, so a lot is happening inside of me.
I do occasionally have the feeling though that my demons urge me to become somewhat more physical (as in doing an actual ritual, maybe building a shrine/temple) but so far I shyed away from it as I haven´t really figured out yet why that would be necessary.

Edit: I should also mention that I´m interested in Necromancy.

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Just to let you know it’s ok to be skeptical because after almost a year and a half of practicing and not seeing any forward movement even though I know it will work there are times even I am skeptical

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Thank you for elucidating more, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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Actually thank you for asking, it´s quite refreshing to tell someone about this who is actually interested in the metaphysical beforehand.