Just an intro


Hi guys, just wanted to give my motives for wanting to know more about Magick, its twofold I love to know how its works, and also I desire the real thing, not just me new-age mumbo jumbo stuff, the second reason is to be financially prospered e.g. new car etc. etc. not just living and working to make ends meet,

As for Magick, I’m part of a group called Rosicrucian Order AMORC
As well as the Order of the Golden Dawn so I’m familiar with hermetic High or ceremonial Magick
I have read many works on Magick and Evocation and have spent some time meeting with a groups of Eclectic Wicca in Australia with connections to Tim Hartridge.




Welcome Asuly!


Both of those are terrible groups. Too much ritual for little effect and so much dogma.




Thats why im on this forum, and you are right


Welcome Asuly. I too was on that path but one day I came across Evoking Eternity and all those long forgotten “WANTS, NEEDS” attacked my brain and I woke up the next morning on fire ruthlessly determined to WANT MORE…