Just an idea

I’d like to understand how evocation is in reality.
Do you think to be able to summon me before you?


From my experience who ever your trying to summon appears out of a sort of smoke and becomes more of a shape but so far I couldn’t say they were sold like a human to human conversation. They’re kind of see throughish / opaque if you see what I mean? There are bound to me more powerful/ experienced/ different magicians who have different experiences to me. The only times I’ve had experiences with Belial and he’s been solid is in dream state or once I saw him one day as I went to turn the television on and he was laying on the left hand side of my bed but I saw him in the reflection in the telly. So maybe they appear in a more solid state through a mirror (scrying) or reflective surface. What have you achieved so far as regards summoning and the vision that comes to you?

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For real, or a crystal ball, what I use the most. They appear fine and clear; it’s just like making a video call.

Sure, they can take on a physical manifestation but many don’t know this is real; some even believe it’s Impossible. Solid, like man to man. Accept gifts from them, hand to hand.

And this method is the best for those seeking to make true pact, sell their soul etc for riches.

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Is it ok to force spirits to appear before you? They’re not our slaves.

It’s like we want to see our friends, but we force the friends to come to our house.

Wouldn’t it be more polite to go to your friends’ house to see them?

Similarly, wouldn’t it be more polite to astral travel to see the spirit?

I’d never really thought about it like that, I treat the entity I’m summoning with the greatest respect. I never call them up as if they are my minions. I have to say Belial chose me (long story) not the other way around and he’s always exceptionally well mannered with me too. Now I usually request things by way of knowledge etc I have learned baneful magic really quickly with the help of Belial, Lucifuge Roficale and Lucifer. They have shown me who to summon and who to send as opposed to bring into my temple. If it weren’t for their help I’d just be interested in the occult as as opposed to a practitioner so I’d like to thank them for that sincerely. I will start using scrying more and see what happens during summoning…:blush: