Just an experience

So as of late life has been crazy (I know a lot of us is going through one thing or another as of late.)
So last Saturday I had to leave my ex friends house do to some unfortunate incidents that had happened that basically pushed me to move across country to another friends house. (I know I know crazy) So this experience happened when I was going through security at the airport. I was expecting strict, no shit people but they were really nice. But what got me caught off guard was when I was getting my sweater this one guy looked at me while he was getting something next to me. He had this smirk on his face and he said “You practice don’t you.” And I couldn’t help but to be a bit thrown back and answered yes. He smiled this knowing smile and walked off.
Has anyone experienced something like this before? And before anyone asked I didn’t have anything on that was obvious that I was a practitioner at all. But I do know that after awhile, Iv heard some people can just tell that you are one. :thinking:


I remember reading an old thread about this around here, how practitioners look “different” than those who aren’t. Unfortunately, I cannot say exactly the same for myself lol. I did have people tell me I “stand out”, but it’s more along the lines of being “weirdly bright and vibrant” and New Age-y questions of “are you an empath/lightworker/earth angel”? insert eye rolls here


I can usually tell if someone is a practitioner. Sometimes different aspect of them will radiate or the tonality of voice is different. I’ve had women who use glamour spells have shimmering hair that no one else noticed. I think it’s kind of like that show Highlander when we get close we sense others.

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