Just a thought, but… Isn’t a Christian or Catholic Cross a Sigil?

So Im just sitting here sipping on a glass of sake watching youtube videos and what not and I see a black Christian cross with little gems or diamonds on it whatever, on a celebrity and just got to (randomly mind you) thinking about all the times people will grab on to their cross and pray or hold it for comfort and hoping for protection or for whatever else…
We’ll see in movies and shows (or hear) that sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and also generally see people use the cross to talk to their God and I just remember thinking about how I perform my petitions with sigils and just how I overall use sigils in general it kind of reminds me of the “faith” Christians and even catholics have in their God especially when it comes to the cross in particularly.
Is there some sort of correlation there?
Could a cross be a sigil?
Like technically, in my opinion, I kind of think so because of all the energy people feed into this simple symbol…
I want to know your guys’ opinion though.
Please link me to other topics if there is some that talks about something like this! I am genuinely curious to hear peoples thoughts and opinions.

No, is a symbol. And it symbolizes a… cross. A real tool. I do agree it serves more or less the same purpose from an occult perspective, but it stands for a real object that used to relatively common. Six hundred people were executed on crosses in the road from Capua at the end of Spartacus’ rebellion.

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