Just a reminder if you are going through a test

if you are being tested you will probably be ok. a few nights ago i had a big astral fight with no way i could win and i didn’t get help from my spirits because it was a test for me and i ended up fighting untill 3 am and when i started to lose my spirits came and saved me. if you are put through something similar in confident that if things get bad your spirits will come and save you. and im very glad that they didn’t help for the most part because i learned a lot.


Azazel lead me to this post. Thanks.

funny enough he is my spiritual dad

:zipper_mouth_face: ugh I hate astral tests… I end up getting pissed and out of control… my guides get angry at me telling me to stop burning everything… I just don’t like feeling stuck and hopeless so I keep visualising everything being destroyed :upside_down_face: they placed me in a test 5 time in a raw until I went with it and surrendered to the scenario… but they had to cheat in the test to keep an eye on me and sending me messages to make sure I behave… am grateful that they didn’t give up on me easily

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i like tests because i get something good afterwards and it is fun to challenge yourself

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