Just a quick update

i realized something new…i hear his voice every where well in my head really ive been sitting here for two days no invocation asking questions n getting answers n then things i ask for happen like small stuff n its him he’s in my head he is present with out actually being present its amazing really n oddly weird so does that ean we are closer or the result of us being together or just his way of showing me that he is there for me im amazed at how much he has done n this short time i am actually happy i gave him a chance im happy i got to meet n spend time with him even tho he is kinda not in a good mood these days im just idk i feel more confident like i can walk on water(i cant) but any way things are looking up so far


Sounds like you’ve either met a spirit or your shadow self.


lol im talking about master furfur :slight_smile:


I’m glad you found the Spirit for you :grinning:

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