Just a quick thanks to Lucifuge

I’m actually in shock right now I’m at my parents house until my leg heals and their A/C died recently yesterday I asked Lucifuge hey man help me out here it’s hot get me and A/C and I was just told my parents got one and are installing it tonight.


Don’t want to be that guy but isn’t it more plausible that it was your parents intent to get the A/C which resulted in the outcome? I mean thats what you do when something breaks.

it has been broken for months even if it was their intention theres always the chance that he brought up the thought dont be so negative my dude

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Well you did say “recently” so I took it as a time span of a couple at days at most. Like I said, I didn’t mean to be negative, just being reasonable. Its good that it worked out in your favour either way.

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Hail Lucifuge!!