Just a question about angels

So I was a told I’m here a black magician must be proficient in both dark and light. If someone on the lhp works with angels, but they do not want to follow the rhp, would those angels try to get them to follow the rhp against their wishes?



I work with both demons and angels without issue. Your path is yours to choose.

And for the record, angels are not RHP. They are just like demons and can be used for gain or bane.


From what I know, you can be proficient in both or either and work with both.
However angels of the abrahamic faiths may do so, and actual Angels I don’t think would care if you are on the lhp or rhp?
Just don’t take my word on it because others definitely know more about the RHP than I do.

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Planetary angels/entities pretty much.

Interesting. What is your purpose for such?
I am interested in evocation of planets.

This is a question that gets asked a lot, and while I think you may have a better understanding of what LHP and RHP mean, it seems that a good number of people may be somewhat confused on this issue. I’ll give my take on the matter here, and Koetting’s recent video on “anti-transmigration” goes into this as well.

To my knowledge, the largest difference that people, at least the people here, draw between the two philosophies is the spiritual end-goal the magician is working towards. The end-goal dictates the journey one must take to reach that point, thus the two different approaches to occult philosophy.

The Left-Hand Path, which is generally regarded as the “darker” of the two, states the goal as being ascent to absolute Godhood. The magician aims to become an equal to the Source-God that is All, and to attain absolute supreme power, knowledge, and presence.

The Right-Hand Path, on the other hand (hehe), states the goal as being the shedding of all attachment until one is free from all degrees of separation from the All, thus “merging” with the Source-God. This is generally considered the “lighter” of the two paths, and its essence is more commonly seen among the currently popular religions of the world, however watered-down it may be for most.

While I do find there to be valuable distinctions between the two philosophies, I do not believe them to be mutually-exclusive, and indeed following just one does seem to be limiting. If one seeks absolute power, then they must master both Shadow and Light, the power of demons and angels. If one seeks to merge fully with the Divine, then they must come to know all of God’s creations, angels and demons both.

Further, according to personal gnosis received from the angels (I can dig up which ones if you’d like), it is possible to attain a simultaneous understanding that one is All, one is One, one is Human, and one is None. I’ve talked about this subject before, and can elaborate more on the metaphysics to the best of my ability if you or anyone else is interested.

(Forgive any excessive grandiosity if you go digging by the way, a little extra dramatic flourish to the revelations, such as this one, was needed at the time for people to not immediately dismiss what I was saying since it was from angels, though it did allow for other revelations as well. I promise I’m usually not that pretentious :slightly_smiling_face:)


I’ll cross the issue of godhood later.

I’ll be honest. I’m looking into Konstintinos’s “Summoning Spirits.” I don’t like the fact I’m still calling “God” to summon spirits. The book lists plenty of beings from angels and planetary beings, to goetic spirits, to elementals. I’m not fond of “trapping” a spirit. However, the book says angels exist to serve so they’re safest to use. However, I don’t want them to influence me in a way that I do not approve of.

They won’t. I have called upon many angels and they have never influenced me beyond my own requests to do so.

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And demons?

The same. I have never been overly influenced one way or the other and I work with both angels and demons regularly. They all respect my autonomy and unless I choose to ask them to influence me in some way, such as helping strengthen my will or help with procrastination, they are hands off.


Ime they don’t.


Wasn’t to sure about that myself, thanks!

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Ha, I was reading this book aswell. Have you done all the meditative exercises? I think they’re pretty dope, prepare you and all the list of entities are a really good help too. Just take out the binding and playing with spirits like Solomon’s magick users do and all will be good.

@StewardofSophia mentioned that in his evocation of Azazel, he stated that there is some manipulation going and it’s ok as long as it benefits both the entity and the magician in the operation. I wish he could elaborate on that. I mean, we’re not dealing here with our boss at work or a long time friend, these are some highly intelligent individuals and I bet they have some kind of agendas going on.

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Whom did you use for strength of will and for procrastination?

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