Just a poem I was given

So I was sitting here eating an apple and contemplating my life. When I just started to hear words come into my head and honestly it was beautiful. I’ll do my best to re creat it.

We are those that are Hades.
The ones with the short sticks.
While the others rest on their golden thrones with lush food, we sit here with the lost and forgotten.
The very ones that watches over the very things that humans fear and hate. We see death, we are pain, we see shadow within the light.
We are the forgotten gods of the past. The very ones that were damned forever past.
We are the ones that fell from the heavens. We are the ones that had our backs turned.
They call us sin for the longing to live.
They call us blasphemy for thinking out of the box.
They call us greed and hate for the desire to give all but our selves.
We are that star in the dark sky.
We are that cluster you see.
We are the watchers
We are the earth binders
We are the shadow
We are the light
We are here to help you stand and fight
We are the Goetia of memories past
We are the Goetia and are here to stay at last.

It was a bit different then that the first time I heard it. But this was close. It honestly empowered me. I was remembering how I was the one that was the scapegoat and how everyone would just associate negativity to me any way they can. Even to this day I still face this, but after hearing this poem, for the first time, I start to understand a bit more of this path. So thank you who ever gave me this poem for me to hear, to empower me and to share with others who could use a boost.


@Zoclora Nice poem I really liked it :pray:t4:


Thank you :3


I understand this 100%. Love it.

Cool stuff :woman_mage:

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Thank you everyone :slight_smile: Glad you enjoyed it

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