Just a personal update

So in my story, I have completed chapter 6 and now 10 pages in chapter 7. I have just revealed the main character being autistic. I just got through a very dramatic fight scene. I have several scenes to go till its done. Soon, I will be including a Goetic demon. I feel kinda drained because I had revisit some past events. However I feel proud. I can’t wait to get back to the fantasy away from the realism.


Good going!

I would like for people to suggest the demon to use. What will happen is Brian, Leo, and Enrique summon it using the key of solomon just as a fun camping activity. However while the spirit could be coerced to appear, they can’t control it. Dante comes in with an Ankh pendant to ward it off. The demon explains that he was forced to be summoned, and simply wants pay back for the offense. Dante says he’ll make sure they never use the book again if the demon returns home where it shouldn’t of been taken from. The demon agrees.

Oh, and Dante is kindof related to Demons. Shocker considering the name.

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Cool. I don’t know what demon to suggest.

You write fiction! That’s awesome, me too! I put my stuff up online at FictionPress or FanFiction. You should PM me if you want to talk about writing or anything.

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