Just a Little Me

Hi, I’m not so new to magick, but I’ve been apart from it for several years… personal stuff got in the way. But happy to say I’m almost back where I belong. I’m a bit old school… the Geof Gray Cobb method is where my roots are. I want to say “magick is magick, and there’s no black or white.” but I do tend to lean to the darker side… can’t help it. It just fits.
I’m looking to expand my small circle of spirits and that’s what brought me here. I have to consider them. And the self doubts about my worthiness… so I’ll have to take my time.


Welcome to the forum, how many years have you been practicing?

Welcome to the forum

Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many interesting things.

I haven’t read Geof Gray Cobb in …goodness it might actually have been a few years now :sweat_smile: Eventually I’ll get a physical copy of the book.

What’s your favourite part of it?

I love the structure of NAP, it opens the threshold to be successful at working the Mighty Grimoire.

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Thank you. I look forward to it.
And I hope I can, at some point, contribute as well.

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I started learning from Yvonne & Gavin Frost when I was a teenager. I was a solitary practitioner always looking over my shoulder. I grew up on (not sure if I’m permitted to say), in a time when practicing magick would have…
So trust was a rare commodity. I love how accepted it is now. No more lurking in rare bookstores, hoping to catch a glimmer of acknowledgement in someone’s eye. I’m still a solitary practitioner and would love know others… I’ll keep that one on my short list.