Just a few questions in "Supernatural"

Greetings everyone!

I just wanna ask some few questions regarding some of ea koetting’s teaching and some questions in supernatural stuffs.

So basically, if I am not mistaken, EA teaches that any gods/entity can exist if you believe and pour out energies on it within the astral planes. If any gods were just created by our minds, any idea where we all came from? Who made us humans? could it be the universe who created all things like the big bang theory they say? Who’s the deity responsible for all creation?

Second, what do any black magicians/occultist thinks of Atheists who don’t believe in anything like gods, supernatural, magick, angels or demons?

Third, if any of you guys heard the guy named James Randi who offered 1 million dollar to anyone who can demonstrate him a real supernatural, why don’t EA joins and demonstrate James a black magic that can make him float in the mid air? or summon a real demon in a physical form in front of James Randi?


Greetings Jerry!

In sake of brevity I’m going to show you two videos that are my answer to your question. Please watch them both:

I couldn’t care any less about the beliefs of others. I have my working truth and they have theirs.[quote=“Jerry334, post:1, topic:15837”]
Third, if any of you guys heard the guy named James Randi who offered 1 million dollar to anyone who can demonstrate him a real supernatural, why don’t EA joins and demonstrate James a black magic that can make him float in the mid air? or summon a real demon in a physical form in front of James Randi?

James Randi’s test is rigged. Not to mention it is no longer being offered to non-celebrity applicants.


Opinions vary on that, IMO read a book called The Kybalion, it’s out of coipyright due to its age and you should be able to find a PDF online pretty easily.

This is just my personal opinion backed up by experience so far, and I would never claim it to be the complete and only truth, though, and I would be wary of anyone who claims to possess such a thing.

Cool, magick’s not a religion, let them think what they want – they’re the ones missing out. :wink:

Great answers from brother Ash there, I’ll just deploy my scarily encyclopedic knowledge of past threads and also link you this, where E.A. actually answered the same kind of question:


Lol, I’m not even going to touch that one.

Personally I have no problem with anyone else’s beliefs, provided that their beliefs do not impede on my efforts. I have been a non-dogmatic atheist at one point in my own life.

James Randi does people like us a service by culling the charlatans from our numbers. I am a fan. That being said, magick does not work like that. People do not levitate (unless you are a street illusionist) and it would be likely very difficult for Mr. Randi to see a physical manifestation of any disincarnate without being immersed in the evocation himself. If such a thing WERE to take place, respectfully, Mr. Randi would possibly shit his pants.


I see, opinions do vary when it comes to creation. As for brother Ash, I could believe what says in the video you gave. But is there an evidence for what it claims?

I would like to hear EA’s opinion on creation if can :slight_smile:

Ahh, spirit science, back when I was a new age cringey hippie. Good times.


With all due respect, as for any ‘evidence’ of anything… In science, we can “prove” things in theoretical construct, but actually never quite “know” (read, well and truly KNOW – i.e., beyond the shadow of doubt).

Allow me to ‘throw a spanner into the works’ by asking you this: Have you ever considered that YOU ‘thought’ yourself into creation? On this plane? (I’m sure other forum members would greatly appreciate my omitting a dissertative discussion of thought creation.)

Do have children? Very close loved ones? Close friends? Have you ever experienced a moment when you ‘knew’ (but couldn’t well and truly KNOW – beyond any doubt) that something was wrong? Someone needed help? Did your ‘gut’ tell you something? Surely you’ve had such an experience at some point in your life.

Well, this is intuition. And intuition is one among other things that helps us function on this plane when we might not quite understand precisely what is occurring.

Have your ever dreamt (proper English :wink:) or thought of something, believed in something so ardently that, despite ‘logic and reason’, and despite what the world around you was ‘telling you’, you knew that such was so? Did ‘it’ come to pass? (This, too, is likely something that has happened to you at least once in your life, no?)

Have you ever, at some point in your life, so fervently desired something that you poured all of your thoughts, energy, and emotion into it? (Again, the likely answer is, ‘yes’.) Did ‘it’, or something similar, or even better, come to pass?

This would be the manifestation of a ‘thought form’. I.e., you ‘created’ on this physical plane an objective response to your thoughts, emotions. Why, then, trouble yourself so with needing to understand the ‘ins-and-outs’, down to the minutiae, of something you do naturally every day without labelling it “Magic”?

Allow me to brushstroke a mental painting for you: Are you a physician? (And if so, what is your primary area of specialisation?) I am – a physician, that is. And I teach trauma medicine and surgery. If you came to me with a particular ‘ailment’, would you presume that, in my position, I likely have a certain working knowledge base that you might not have? And would you require me to spend the next 10 years teaching you what I had to learn, and have since learnt over the previous 25 years before allowing me to treat you (or at least seriously considering my counsel)? Probably not. You’d likely allow me to treat you, and you’d likely adhere to any instruction I gave you. (My decades of practice of professional medicine are actually exceeded by even more decades of ‘magickal’ – with or without the ‘K’ - operation/ practice.)

Consider this, then: there are people who have sufficient experience in certain matters to adequately teach and advise you, whether or not you know every detail of the ‘inner-workings’ of absolutely everything there is to know about absolutely everything there is to know (not intending to sound like Douglas Adams – but the answer to everything is “42”, but not in ‘base 10’ mathematics).

And as for the term ‘atheist’, which has been quite bastardised in modern ‘English’… consider the fuller definition of the term (e.g., sceptic in proper English, or ‘skeptic’ in American ‘English’ – yes, I’m a language snob :wink: ). Disbelief in a Judaeo-Christian ‘Almighty’ does not equate to disbelief or scepticism in all things ‘supernatural’, as I believe you might say (given the subject line of your post).

On a parting note: relax, and follow whatever path or belief system ‘feels’ proper to you. Spend some time reading the interesting posts and replies by members on this forum – or any forum. Do some research. Find your truth.

Go well on your journey, and in all things, BE WELL!