Just a Big Sorry to Everyone

Just want to make an apology if I have ever wronged anyone on here. I don’t think I have, and that’s the problem. It’s a big problem that I think I never once angered anyone. It’s too selfish of me to think that way, so that’s why I’m apologizing.

I’ve noticed how everyone is still unsure of me. I thought it was just maybe me being a major outcast or something, but it’s because maybe I’ve angered others without thinking. That’s why I’m here today and saying this.

I do truly apologize for how selfish and ignorant I have been. I won’t even say “may have been,” because I know by the way things are, I have done people wrong on here… I’m sorry… I’m just too selfish, ignorant, and stupid, but I am trying to change my ways… I might as well apologize and try to change…


Relax and have a cup of :coffee: :wink:


RE3 - You are wonderful! When I made your MFWB -request card it was beautiful Lucifer had me place 13 Red roses around your request. We are all learning here.


First off don’t talk about yourself like this, Ever.

Second, i haven’t noticed anything, you seem like a nice person. It’s okay, it can always be hard talking to large groups, don’t worry :slight_smile:


Don’t change! You didn’t do anything wrong! And why do you think you’re an outcast? :thinking: Most people on here who interact with you seem to adore you :blush:


I dunno, I just been feeling like crap for like a while now…

Ever since I was trying to change and grow, an entity keeps bringing out all of my anxieties and past issues. :tired_face:

Maybe it’s that? Idk.


Admittedly i don’t follow every thread on here but after skimming through your your posts,I have no idea what you’re on about. Like Turomir said, relax and have a cup of tea.


Shadow work ? @kiss-lamia-lilith she recommended a link for me to use- I am doing pits and pieces of it going in head first for me is overwhelming.

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Maybe that entity is showing you the thoughtforms you need to uncross or banish from you or improve on. Funny how you mention this bc I was confronted about some past issues surfacing from my favorite spirits that I didn’t resolve yet so I will be conducting plantetary rituals over the next several days to neutralize, resolve and banish these issues. Also, remember that you may be going through power shifts through spiritual growth,which can temporarily uproot and jumble your energies sometimes. Maybe you should try to meditate on it or perform rituals to banish negativity you might feel better?


I’m offended by this. You’re not in a confession booth in church, confessing “sins”, or at the Wall Of Mecca, kneeling towards it like a submissive follower, are you?

It’s like apologizing, beacause you…exist? Why!?

Do you have doubt in your experiences? Is your experiences different than someone else? If that’s the case, fuck 'em!

Just throw your balls or boobs over your shoulder and walk tall. Be yourself, share your experience without giving a damn. I do that, and I will always do that.

…no fucks given!


You have never done anything offensive to me or anyone else that I have seen.

Is what you’re feeling just dealing with fears and past issues or is it just making you feel like shit and depressed?


Try this. Close your eyes and relax. Conjure up the image of these anxieties. Don’t force the image but allow it to come. The more intense the image, the more power it has over you.

Now will the image to blur, darken, and shrink down to nothing. Will it out of existence. If you find this difficult then it may help to imagine yourself growing larger until you tower over the image.


LMFAO…cheers! Life is too short not to piss off somebody here and there, lol!


Nah lol, you’re pretty chill. It has to be that entity trying to fuck with your mind. Banish it. You’ve done nothing wrong.

Thanks for this; even I needed that. Inspirational shit right here.


Thanks everyone… I’ll try doing some banishing and what not… It makes sense, though, if an entity is trying to help. I have a lot of buried anxieties and past traumas. When even one gets brought up, I panick. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I’m being told that at least whoever is doing this is being somewhat gentle. I’m told I should consider myself lucky, because it’s a rare thing for them to be gentle like this, so I dunno… Makes me a little more nervous to hear that, to be completely honest. :woman_shrugging:


Say what? I’ve never seen you troll or post anything mean… you’re always kind and ready to give helpful advice.

As far as shadow work, there’s a difference between confronting repressed aspects of the self that need to be brought into the light for self growth, and pointlessly making you feel bad. Is this an entity that you trust?


I’d agree with some, that entity might be pushing you toward shadow work.

This lady on Youtube has a lot of good videos on it and on self love as well. To me they can go hand in hand :slight_smile:


Yeah, I do trust them. They at least gave me like a hug or two. :sweat_smile:


If you feel it’s positive and helping you grow stronger by getting rid of your fears and dealing with your past hurts then that’s fine. Roll with it and get through it. If you feel like it’s just a tormentor who is trying to get you all phobic and depressed then kick his ass out the door. Only you can judge the situation.


You have nothing to be sorry for, darling.