“Juran. Revealer of knowldege. I call on you to be here with me and assist me in the aynthesis of unkown knowledge. Help me to amalgamate everything I know and combine them in new ways. Here my call, and come at your own discretion. Juran, Juran, Juran.”

A while ago I made a post about a seriesseals that were created by a djinn and I, titled The 22 Seals . I figured that now I woukd reveal the spirit that aligned this. His name is Juran (Joo-ron), Revealer of knowledge.

He is a djinn of 3,507 years. He has brown hair, golden brown eyes, and golden skin. He supports natural gifts and abilities. He brings wisdom through dreams, but he mostly gave me wisdom through emotion.

He aligns with mercury. Best time of day to summin is 7 pm on a Thursday. He is more in tune with the night and the moon, but also manufests during the day if needed.

He helps best in seeing things in a new way that have interesting results. I went in seeking a spirit who could help create “new” spellwork. Amethyst is sacred to him, I linkes his sigil below. He manifesta best in fire and smoke.

I just thought it would be nice if anyine wanted to work with him. Let me know your experuences if you’re comfortable sharing.