Jupiter Work

Okay here is my first serious attempt at an practical serious ritual to jupiter and fortuna, I started with lighting the candles and then saying an invocation to jupiter , then I followed with an calling to the four godesses and then saying praise to jove, I then moved onto the petition, asking for £200 from an unexpected source and then asked the spirits to peacefull leave along with so mote it be


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Fortuna comes through every time, she’s awesome!

A few tips: she likes yellow candles, citrine, honey/vanilla incense, and also metals and jewelry (the real deal, not fake stuff). You can also give her small coins to attract bigger coins to you (they’re symbolic).

Yellow candles and sweet incenses were enough whenever I petitioned to her. When you get the money, use a bit to buy her some offerings, and keep the altar just as it is.

Also, try to find a yellow or gold cloth.


Thanks for the warm comment on my first attempt, I am open to any helpfull and friendly ideas for further improvment and I hope to get an larger altar table soon for more stuff to use during future invocations and evocations, :slight_smile:

The altar doesn’t need to be too large, don’t worry. She greatly values what people do for her and she will always come through. She understands when perhaps someone is not in the best position to give her expensive offerings up-front. Just consider spending a little bit of what she delivers on her, in gratitude.

She’s extremely benevolent and her blessings are priceless!

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The kamea of Jupiter and the Symbol similar to Earth helps a lot in the rituals.

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