Hey all,
Chances are, nothing like this exists. But does anyone know of any way to “jumpstart” either any innate dormant power, or any first time progress in the occult?
Something akin to pulling the metaphorical cord on a two stroke lawnmower?

Well, you’re not really going to know without experimentation. Honestly, search for the “beginner tutorials”, try different exercises, and see if something jumps out at you or that you are drawn to. All the worthwhile skills are earned, but that doesn’t mean you’re starting from zero with every single one. Check out the tutorials, follow your instincts, and get experience. Knowledge isn’t worth much without it.


J.S. Garret’s Rite of Deification can have that effect, according to those who have experienced it.

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Thanks, unfortunately I cant really afford to buy much though, despite how tempting it is

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master meditation, the 7 hermetic principles, and the Kabbalah …if you really wanna get piggy learn how to use the goetia…there ur welcome