Jumped into a pact with Azazel. Not knowing what the FUCK I was doing

Azazel and I have had contact with each other since I was 17. He kickstarted my second spirtual journey at 18. So about a week ago, I decided to do a pact with azazel to get me the girl I wanted. Now unfortunately, the pact is going to lead to very negative things I know that for sure. The girl in question, is going through an extremely difficult time, coincidentally the same timeline I moted the pact into existence. And she told me that she’s been seeing blue green eyes and a shadow I’m her bathroom. She was actually showed me a meme a couple days ago where there was a person dancing around a pentagram with the caption “last night” and “I wonder why this person likes me so much?” My balls damn near dropped into oblivion. I’ve been having really bad omens In my dreams and I know this shits going to cause suffering to this girl who really doesn’t deserve it. How would one go about telling Azazel to lay off? Am I doomed to get this girl in the worst way possible? Any advice would be appreciated!


Well first off, you really don’t need to start a pact for something so simple. Pacts are meant for long term goals of considerable size/importance. Getting a girl to be your girlfriend really only requires a simple evocation. Funny enough, @Eliphas just made a point recently of folks jumping to pacts for things they really shouldn’t. Secondly…Azazel? I mean, I get that he’s multi-faceted, but he isn’t the first entity that I think of when I want to attract someone. He can be quite intense, and now you’ve got this really intense energy around this girl that didn’t need to be there. Next time, I’d go with an entity like Asmoday for something like this.

The only thing you can do is evoke Azazel and ask him to cancel this pact with you…if he even agrees to that. Breaking a pact really can harm your relationship with a spirit, so even if he agrees, your relationship with Azazel may never be the same again. You really need to think twice about making a pact for something…because these spirits take them very seriously. If you can get something through doing a simple evocation, its usually better to go in that direction.


What exactly did you include in the pact?


Very true. Only reason why I chose azazel was that he seemed to be one of the very few demons I had a good relationship with. I’ve mangled my previous relationships with aphrodite, lucifer, Lilith. Basically all the entities you really wouldn’t prefer being on their bad side. Was it arrogance? Lack of respect for the entities? Probably all of the above. I opened every gateway there was to open to the other side. I let demons and angels Roam free within me. Getting possessed for days on end, entity after entity. It destroyed me. Only now am I starting to work with entities again but I know for DAMN sure I’m not doing this shit right. I need a mentor to guide the choas of my spirituality. Because I do know I have serious potential, I just need direction. Anyways I’m rambling thanks for your response you are utterly correct!


Specifics were to make her my lover, in return I’d do some sigil Magick with his sigil to five different people. Didn’t specify the WAY in which it would happen. And I also didn’t specify not to cause her harm. I know TOO well how entities can be rather specific and sneaky but ofc my being the Idiot that I am, I didn’t specify what I should have.

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The entire time, throughout the pact I felt the worst fucking gut feeling ever. Why did I continue? Genuinely couldn’t say.


Well this sounds fun :sweat_smile:

Good warning for others

I think you probably need to calm down first, then remember your authority

Ok, bit of a fuck up but you can stop panicking and remember what’s on the other side of this was what you were after

You can break the pact and it sounds like that’s probably what you may decide to do

maybe try putting some protection in place around her while you are figuring out what to do?

Good lesson…


Azazel does not want to end this pact. He’s intrusive. Tried doing a bit of sigil work with hera, but all I got was AZAZEL. I’m not powerful enough spirtually to protect myself. I raged last night in my best attempt to banish azazel. All he did was laugh and say “you do realize I feed off of your rage right?”


So calm down. First.


Probably best to keep a clear, unconvoluted head in this. But I was just trying to use my power to banish him. Clearly I’m not the magician I used to be.

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It can be sucky… or transformative. You get to decide that. Remember your authority.

You just established your feeding this by going nuts panicking.


Trust when I say I’ve been through alot more fucked shit than this. I’m aware no matter what happens I’m going to get through this. Just another stepping stone I gotta hurdle over.

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Now you can figure it out. I’m really new to this but one thing I have learned… is I am in charge and always have the power to get through my fuck ups. But yeah feeding the rage sounds like the last thing that’s a great idea atm. So calm mind and your power increases to deal with this situation.


It also sounds like he probably should learn to banish and protect, I can’t see any reason Azazel would come through over Hera unless whatever this is never left in the first place, or you included dedication and I will not summon any other entities during this time but.

Feeding… rage is something this feeds on and it doesn’t throw up red flags to anyone? Seriously,

You either need to establish who the operator is or get rid of your parasite/imposter/random spirit using you like your McDonald’s- imop🤷🏼‍♀️

Maybe it is Azazel, but I’d be rethinking allowing that relationship if it were me and it was. Really doesn’t sound like it to me. It’s not impossible for spirits to lie to you for years about who they are, look at Dh Thorne and Ranzael. (According to his book)

Point is he’s been in your life for years. But where is your discernment? How did you verify it was Azazel? Was it the first spirit yoj ever called, or he just showed up and said hey this is who I am, or did you actually have the ability to discern for certain it was him- or ask questions and do a let’s verify this entity check?


Not sure actually. Azazel is about personal ascension and teaching, so when I see thsi:

It looks me like he’s used the opportunity to awaken her, she’s learning fast. He’s a bit of a sink or swim teacher, but she already figured out she’s been worked on. She might just shrug it off, which is easy to do when you know what’s going on and can proact instead of react… she might even enjoy you for a while and fulfill the bargain, but I think you’ll both get good lessons out of this.

Nah I think you need to give her some credit, and stop sending her the energy that she’s weak and under attack, you’re making it worse. All humans are magickal, not just the ones that know about it

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


You beat me to this. I am going to agree and recommend making sure it is him.

So many fakes try to come for these popular ones. I have seen a few for Azazel before.


Curious what makes you feel that way :thinking:

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Alright I’ll retract that then.

I’m sure it is azazel. Whenever he’s evoked I see his sigil in a dark room. As much as I want this to be over I know it won’t be. I need to grow a sense of respect towards these gods, they can help me.

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Lol, you entered a pact, you can break it, Azazel might be pissed though, I know if I would ever enter pacts, I will honour them