Jump universes for a password


So I’ve fucked myself up pretty bad. I had a iPod with some really old photos of some good times with my mates. They mean sooo much to me.

I had forgotten the password and I tried everything. I got up to the 9th try and I knew that if I got the next one wrong I would lose everything.

I finally got into it on my old machine but it doesn’t have any of the older photos. It has some recent ones but none of the original ones.

I’m super upset atm.

Previously I evoked Marbas but he suggested I try and find it myself. After weeks of effort I came to the last attempt and I got it wrong.

The thing is my iPod didn’t have a password on it until 2018. Not sure how the password even got in there in the first place.

I’m thinking seriously hard about what to do.

Now that it’s disabled I can’t do anything. I’ve done extensive research but nothing that actually helps.

I’m questioning if I would be able to jump universes to one where back in the day I could somehow open it and transfer the files. Or at least get the photos somehow.

If anyone has an idea that would be great.


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Perhaps easier than such an extreme jump would be to interface with the technology and unlock it with mental commands that override any passwords. Even if the device is disabled so long as it physically still functions and has the data this process will work though it requires extensive practice and ability to bond with matter outside of your own body by extruding your aura into it. It is the same practice by which psychokinesis and transmutation is performed. This is easier than jumping dimensions without knowledge of the mental state required to make accurate shifts in iteration.



Yeah I’ve read a bit on this type of stuff. Would you have any suggestions such as books or good posts on the forum?

First step is to be able to perceive the aura fully and open up the levels of vibration associated with the heart and third eye as those two play a critical role in the abilities needed.

Robert Bruce gives good advice on the beginning stages of seeing the aura but the ability will come naturally as you open your consciousness up to other levels of vibration associated with the chakras. For working on the chakras I don’t recommend any visualization or mantras at first but simply focusing consciousness and awareness in their physical location and becoming aware of increasing depth until you fall into them. Then you can use visualization, mantras, mudras or whatever else to focus and expand the now opened pathway. There was a collected works book of his I found somewhere that had the information in it for auras.

This same practice of transferring awareness into the chakras you will use to transfer into your aura once you can perceive it and begin directing it to change shape and form which you will then interface with another object and transfer your awareness into the object. From there it is just like controlling your own body once you get the initial reflex of will down. Though it will need energy so using any device that does not supply its own power you will need to supply the energy from your own body. The main reason Psychokinesis is so difficult on noticeable scales is the baseline human body is not rated for transferring energy to produce it without intense training but to manipulate an electronic device that is simple if you get the right state.

I recommend you find an identical Ipod to practice interfacing on until you can affect it and regulate the action. This is just a precaution in case you do produce too much energy so you don’t accidentally burn it out.


Call on Xa’Turing. Or, I am certain there are other entities or sigils or rituals which can reveal hidden information to you.

Alternatively, might be a simpler solution: self-suggestion. Keep repeating to yourself “I remember my old iPod password now” or something similar as you drift off to sleep every night. With repetition and luck, you’ll hopefully wake from a dream that reveals the info to you.


We’re getting a lot of posts asking for help with passwords recently. :thinking:


Perhaps call Apple Genius or your device support for help instead? This seems rather spammish/scammish type of post.


:point_up:best answer!


Maybe you wrote it down in a notebook somewhere. I have a lot of passwords in various notebooks. I don’t trust myself not to forget them, particularly important but seldom used passwords. (of course the most important one is your email password, cause you can reset most everything else with that.)


OOF… been there. Oh the pain. In the end i just end up destroying the hard drive out of anger. (which is by all accounts, the non-clever non-magickal and honestly kinda pathetic way of dealing with it)
Well, at the time i wasn’t able to project nor journeying. Oof… those pics were so precious to me. It pains me even think of it.


Yeah, I wish I did lmao.

If you view the password as a lock, and you need the key, the password, then a kamea may help. I believe it was SATOR, but I could be wrong. Look up magic squares. May have been in cornelius Agrippas book, or Manly Halls book.


I believe it was in manly p halls book secret teachings of the ages Fuego you’re right!

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