Jump-starting my senses/Being able to hear entities

I’d like to be able to hear and maybe see spirits, demons, and various other entities, I have heard some demons a few times before, nothing much, I think they just tried to get my attention (Probably shouldn’t have ignored them… whispering my name, twice, right behind me in a completely dark room is actually spooky ok)
So would me surrounding myself in demonic energies open my senses, and could me ignoring them/avoiding them actually close off my senses?

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Yes it would help

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Everybody wants a quick fix on this, but there isn’t one.
Do the inner work and build your energy and it will come whether you wanted it or not. Don’t do the work and it won’t come.


Alright thanks!!

There are a lot of us out there who search for the necessary information before and understand, just like with everything, the path is long and you need to be disciplined in your practice to get any results. Although the more you read, the more overwhelmed you get with how much stuff on it there is haha.

By inner work you mean meditation and chakra work or more? I don’t know why but I’m repelled by chakra work, I’d rather visualise fire of desire burning inside my chest rather than x portal of energy in my body :joy: