Jump from plane to plane

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all okay.
I have a question : when you astral project, how do you jump from the astral plane to the etheric plane ?



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It’s usually best to have a focal point to make for easier transition. However, that usually isn’t possible for people who never been there.

Transitioning to the etheric from the astral works in a few ways like the aforementioned way, but also due to the astral being the plane of thought/imagination/collective unconscious what have you it exist on a spectrum where the density vibrates faster than the etheric density, when you’re on the astral your energy body is matching that density so you are able to interact with that plane and its inhabitants.

The way I transition is by slowing down my own energy body’s vibrations so they start to align with the etheric’s density spectrum this causes your energy body to “phase out” of the astral and into the etheric. Where you end up in the etheric however will be the aligned location of the place you were in the astral, so that’s something to be careful with as you could end up in the middle of an etheric sea, in someone else’s territory, etc.

The etheric is often considered a “step below” the astral if you view the planes above one another but personally I view them occupying the same space simply vibrating in their own spectrum of densities rather than any idea of higher and lower planes.


Thank you for your answer.

How do you do that ?

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Well before projecting it’s best to know energy manipulation so you can manipulate your energy/energy body to do so

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True dat, but when I project it’s without wanting it most of the time or I command myself to do it when I do sleep paralysis, which is often.
But yeah I should concentrate on energy manipulation, Satan told me that too