Joy Of Satan Views On Satan

Maybe Im missing something. It just sounded more like a debate to me.

Like two sides debating a topic.


What I’m getting out of this is HP is basically trying to recruit people here by saying that his way of thinking is the only way.

The funny part is most satanists I know say that lucifer gave mankind free will and he’s just now decideing wait no you can’t do that I made you I command you.

With all respect that’s what I’m getting out of it


Spamming this forum with joy of satan bullshit is no different then having some christian spew theirs, i don’t care what people believe as long as they keep their “ministries” out of here.


I see.


seems like hes gone


The “guardian of balance” is a thought-form - an incomplete being that can only make thoughts in one’s mind to try and change how they think. It is okay if you wish to stay out - But the war is only for SPIRITUAL SATANISTS against those who are against Satan and his demons!

If you have worked with “angels” or the greys, The gods will not let you join their side. THE WAR IS VERY REAL and you can risk destroying your soul! No outsiders are accepted as they are not dedicated to Satan but you can naturally help to attack the Angels, Greys and Reptilians through Reverse Torah Rituals and destroying them with Bright Blue electrical fire.

Again, it is your wish only and is only for the advanced. You have to pass a test to join Hell’s army - just like in our country’s armed forces.
Father Satan is the equivalent to what a GENERAL is as where Azazel and some of the other gods are like Lieutenant Commanders.

What part of TRUTH don’t you understand? You are being ignorant and not understanding the fact the SATANISM is not just a religion! It is the Magnum Opus - a process of reaching godhood. What you are studying here about Satan and his demons is wrong! You cannot tell a satanist who his god is! Father Satan made me a High Priest for a reason as i have been a high priest for over 25 years! I have reached Godhood and beyond.

I only wish for our advancement - not our destruction!
However i will obide by the BALG Rules and i will only post meditations and practices alike. But you are not happy for a spiritual satanist to talk about Satan on a Section about Satan! It sounds highly ridiculous!


It is not spamming - it is discussing Satan on a chat about Satan. You cannot tell a spiritual satanist what their religion is! Black Magicians alone are mere practitioners and they see Father Satan as a “mere” demon. At least study about him. If you are not dedicated to him - Satan and his demons will NOT show themselves to you as ONE needs to present the love and dedication first!

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DO NOT disregard my rank - I am a high priest to protect my people and those who are truly of Satan. Satan let HIS people be free because he knew that his people love him and are dedicated to him!

I am not trying to recruit! Father Satan wants his people to choose him naturally without being “forced” or “recruited”. If ONE is being forced into a certain religion, they never believed or cared about it in the first place!

Ea Koetting is teaching you about the gods and different practices of the occult - doesn’t that mean he would be trying to force his beliefs? No, Ea Koetting is putting the information on this website for those who want it.

If he was to teach about Spiritual Satanism (just like he did with the norse and voodoo mythology) would you say he is forcing his beliefs? No you wouldn’t. This section of the forum is about SATAN so why do you not agree with a true satanist’s beliefs?


The title of this catergory is Satanism…
So Im not 100% sure of BALG rules but i think as long as its in this category he is within the allowance.

I know i post some rather different stuff in my personal journal. And feel as long as i keep it there. Im good.

Anyway, i could be off on this and Im not a mod so just saying.

saying opinion
gets flamed for opinion
no offense was ment


okay. just be aware that this catogory is about SATAN.


The problem I am having is your lack of respect for the things you DON’T know. Reaching godhood in your own opinion is well and good, but you are not being respectful of the others around you who see things differently. Thats why there is a restriction against preaching, even preaching about Satan on the Satan board.

If you were to put personal qualifiers into your statements, like “in my experience, blah,” we would have significantly less reason to call you out on it. You are instead throwing ultimata around like corn in a chicken coop, but you are forgetting we are not poultry. Your truth will be different from anyone else’s truth, that is the price of free will. Do not simply call us wrong when you have zero proof or authority.

I say again, do not call us wrong when you cannot know someone else’s truth. Have some respect for the people you believe Satan created.


Now that this has been moved and renamed, i will back off my accusations of preaching. This space is now the correct place for @HPHoodedCobra to preach, as long as s/he remains respectful.

Thank you @Lady_Eva for fixing this! You are my hero!


Right - as you can see folks I’ve moved this to its own thread, I’m going to try and give a little friendly guidance here so we can all get what we want :slight_smile:

HPHoodedCobra, please restrict sharing Joy of Satan’s specific views on Satan, which resemble religion in many ways, in this thread, because that way people who are ready for your views can find them, and people who are on other parts of their journey so to speak can read people’s first-hand experiences with, and discussion about, Satan, without being told what to think based on what you and your JoS organisation have discovered.

To be clear, this section is about Satanism in all its forms, but it’s ALSO about LHP practices and philosophy, which means many of the people in this section (not this thread) are going to outright reject being told any creature is their spiritual father or leader, or anything that hints of dogmatic requirements to believe something, take someomething on trust, especailly from a High Priest such as yourself. :slight_smile:

This is echoed in the White Magick RHP section - if someone wants to start a thread on how their faith has enabled them to do magick, they can do so, but people who wish to post white magick (mafgick restricted by a moral code, as many pagans and LoA practitioners are) they can also do that, without expecting a fellow poster such as a Buddhist to start piping up IN THEIR THREAD with their beliefs.

These sections exist to kind of allow people to model how great their own beliefs and system are working for them, attracting those who want to know more, but it’s never permissable on here to enter someone else’s thread and tell people to stop what they’re doing, stop seeing things their way, and start seeing them your way instead - you can comment on how this works in your own life for sure, but NOT telling other people you possess the highest or only truth.

If that’s cool with you, then the little misunderstanding here isn’t important, and I can remove posts relating to it if you want, just say the word. :slight_smile:

If you intend to use this forum to push JoS ideas without any understanding of the culture here, then we’re going to very sadly have a problem, but I hope that won’t happen, you seem intelligent and thoughtful enough for that not to be an issue. :slight_smile:

PM me any questions and I’m just replying to your other PM right now.


I believe they are viewing lucifer and Satan as the same entity and Lucifer’s sigil is also the Sigil of Venus

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Yes but there are also goddesses who were called the morning star and/or venus. Like Astarte and Inana and venus. And probably some more.


We associate Venus with love, but the Aztecs didn’t!


In the wiki it states:

Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli was believed to cause harm to people by shooting darts.

Is that somehow related to the whole thing about Satan’s darts?