Joy of Satan theistic satanism on the web

So it seems JoS is down i checked every browser chrome firefox and brave down on all of them and down for everyone confirmed it.

What are some good pro non atheistic satanism websites? None of that CoS shit but some actual pagan or spiritual satanism sites.

I suggest that you forget all those websites and read books by S. Connolly about Daemonolatry. They’re much more professional and practical.


Vk jehannum has good material


It’s up now for me:

Sites go down sometimes, theirs is archived if you just want to look for exercises etc;*/

Not really my cup of tea but I use some of their exercises.


Yeah books are always better but money is tight so i cant get any of them (unless i work a magick spell for quick cash).

No problem, there is always plan B :slight_smile:
Those websites provide the same information and free ebooks :

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