Journeys to another dimension and something tracking me down

The other day I got my grubby hands on some salvia. I took it a few times but most notably were my last few trips. I saw this vast chasm of space and every molecule was made up by these tiny humans. If I tried to zoom in on them I would be taken to another pocket dimension. I would hear these great voices telling me things about the nature of this other dimension. Also this one voice in particular was warning me about something coming. This malevolent entity was tracking me, every time I take the drug he gets closer and closer. Until finally, my last trip of the night. I was face to face with this thing. I was above my room in a shadow. I entered the shadow and saw this black entity, it just looked like a darker kind of shadow. It had limbs and some organized structure to it. I reached out my hand to the entity to greet it. Immediately as I did this I was ripped from his presence by something. It’s like there’s other concept/entities/spirit guides that are watching me as I do this trip. Making sure I don’t wreak too much havoc or get in trouble myself. The thing that bothers me the most is that this void entity was trying to get into contact with me but other forces were stopping it. “He’s coming” “Be careful” “He knows where you are” “He’s closing in on you.” Although I doubt the existence of this universe I was shown, I still want to treat it as if it’s real and learn as much about it as I can. The concept of pocket dimensions fascinates me. If anyone has any similar experiences please share :slight_smile: . Thank you for your time!