Journey into the Abyss

I completed a ritual that was channeled from Belial. It was designed to break the chains that kept me tied to old belief systems. I feel very different since completing it. It’s like having a weight lifted off you and being unbound. Liberating. I will share it in the future with Belial’s permission when the time is right. He said now that the ritual is done it is time to begin my new work with the infernal. I’ve never really had a path so to speak. Kind of just did whatever piqued my interest at the time without ever becoming fully involved. This will be a new challenge.

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Had a new experience today. I have worked with Azazel on and off for some time now. Recently I have been working on some things with him and a situation had come up. A coworker and someone who could be a threat to my livelihood had shown his true colors the other day. I was contemplating what I should do with this person as in how to best protect myself from them. While thinking about this I heard Azazel say “Destroy Them”. After some research into some goetic spirits and Azazel’s nethers I came to the conclusion that Dra’ talon would be best to deal with this person. They need to suffer for all the problems they have caused others including myself. I did an evocation of Azazel first then evoked Dra’ talon to be sent to destroy them. Now time to watch as they fall apart and succumb.

I journeyed through the Abyss in mid December to mid January. Very eye opening and brutal. I can see how it has killed men and driven many others mad. It isn’t easy piercing the matrix, but necessary for growth

What is it like passing through the abyss?

I’m finding that I am learning of my own flaws and shortcomings as a human and practitioner. Some of it is right in your face and some is more subtle. Old things must fall away.

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What’s the ritual called?

Which ritual?