Journaling ritual experiences importance?

Hi guys. I wanted to know your thoughts on journaling everything that has happened on your latest invocation, If you do it. How it has changed your practices, comunication, eveything.

this is my second year into the occult practices which is part of me more than any other activity in my daily life but just recently i started to journaling and i’m feeling some deeper connection to everything i have done and i’m very curious about other people’s experience on this topic


If I don’t write things down I forget the details or sometimes the whole event. The trance state is akin to dreaming like that. Journaling it keeps the hard earned knowledge available.


thanks mulberry same here. when i came back to read again days or weeks after it always amazes me how great the ritual was.
Do you think it helps you in other ways?


Well, it can help organise my thoughts and make sure I don’t miss parts for longer or layered workings that I planned in advance. It draws me out of trance to write and takes time, and in that sense hinders the flow somewhat, but if I don’t I won’t remember it all. You know how you get 3 pages of info in a second… it’s frustrating to have to stop to write but it’s worth it.