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I seen this on YouTube about a Spirit Box people contacting spirits and demons well I text myself I think demons is misunderstood so I figured I will try to be friends with a demon or Lucifer Morningstar so I download a app from a website a Spirit Box app so I did and I put it on my big speaker where I can hear it better I said is there spirits are demons I heard spirits and I also tire is I’m a demon and I say demon what you mind being a friend and the dean said of course what does that mean and what does it mean when I do a magic from a website how to become a demon I drank the water and I said well magic word if you drink to water become a demon forget about this ratchet World so I said the words and stuff the next day I went to my kitchen to get me some to eat and there was a lot of big flies so I went to the bathroom to use the restroom and that was big flies there I do not know what I did or summon but there was a bunch of big ass flies I wish I took a picture of it

No spell is going to help you become a demon, the other stuff I don’t quite understand due to grammar issues sorry.


Okay what I tried to do what I seen on YouTube a thing called a Spirit Box where you can talk to spirits and demons it is a gateway to the spirit realm and the demon Realm so I tried to use the Spirit Box app I say what I can contact and try to be friends between a strep or a demon because I think demons are misunderstood so when I did download that app I tried to talk to the spirits and the demons well I was talking to the spirits and I said is there any demons or Spirits where I can be friends with an hour a sudden I heard I am a demon and I asked demon what you mind being a friend and the demon said of course and that’s all I heard

a little advice, when you search magick on Youtube, try going to reputable known sources, I am unsure if what you saw here is legit and shown by someone who knows his or her stuff, but when it comes to the infernal, I like to use some of what Velenos said in past, which is that demon is a race, though I say infernal because I dont believe every infernal to be a demon, though personally, I am also unsure if every demon is considered Infernal, some might just be their own demon, belonging to no Infernal pantheon.

so to answer your question, it is a matter of changing spiritual race, do I believe its possible? yes

do i believe this method may help you to do so? I am unsure but it is highly unlikely.

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Yeah every demon isn’t infernal and every infernal isnt demon

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