Journal of WHamilton3

This is to keep a record of my progress with becoming more proficient magically and life changes made by using magick.


I recently began a group working with fellow members of balg to evoke spirits to open different aspects within ourselves. The first was to unlock the aspect of telepathy. I evoked Lord Azazel and asked for his help with this. I had to evoke him twice but I believe it was a successful operation in all. I could feel him physically and see him in my mind.
During the second evocation I asked Lord Azazel if he would agree to evoking Halah’ thor while he was there to ask Halah’ thor for his assistance in finding a career that would provide for me abundantly financially and is aligned with my destiny and I would be fully happy with. Lord Azazel agreed and Halah’ thor was evoked. He agreed to my request. Now it’s time to forget about it and let him work.

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Evoked Lucifer and Azazel today. I asked Lucifer for his help in fully activating my chakras. I have been working with them myself but thought He could help make the process much more efficient. He said he would help me with this request. I started to feel hot then weightless. It felt as though he was moving my body into different poses while he was working with me. I have found communication with Lucifer to be much easier than other spirits. I could always hear him in my mind.

I asked Azazel if he would grant me a familiar to help me in my ascent and for words of power that can be used for protection. He said he would. I asked if he would make the familiar known to me but I received no answer. I wrote down four words that he gave me. I will use them when needed. The first couple times evoking Azazel I could not hear him very well. I could hear him in my mind much like Lucifer. I believe our connection is becoming stronger.

I may have to perform some baneful workings. I have a supervisor at work that is becoming problematic and could possibly cause me many problems. I’ve done a little research into goetic spirits that would be good for curse work. While doing some reading I noticed a number of spirits that can help change people’s minds about you or get them to look upon you favorably. This may be a better alternative than doing something baneful. Thing is I’m not the only one this guy is trouble for. He likes to create issues where there are none and for no good reason. That gets me thinking that maybe if he suffered a little it might not be such a bad thing.

I have decided to just bind the individual that is causing me problem. I don’t believe any further action is needed at this point in time. Although it would feel good to cause them mental anguish and physical pain; that might be going to far at this point in time.

I called on Duke Alloces to bind the individual who was causing me problems from doing me any harm financial or otherwise. I presented my offering and petitioned him for his help. He accepted the offering and agreed to bind the individual. There have been no problems from this person since working with Duke Alloces.