Journal of Mine


This is mainly here for me. Needed an outlet.
But feel free to snoop if you please. Maybe you’ll find something you like.


I took a 4 month break. A lot has happened since then. Maybe I’ll talk about it some time.



Hi Rin!
Good video, I needed that vibe.
I recall that you had gone through a strong ascent. It seemed like one of those times when a person’s spirit catches fire and it’s almost too much.

Kundalini is the common word for it, but you dropped a few symbols that caught my attention. I’d be interested in your thoughts on that matter if any of it can be expressed in plain English.


Sure feel free to PM me whenever

It’s not usually the type of music I’m into but I just found some of her stuff yesterday and I really like her.


I’m unsettled.




"I need a gingerbread man the one I’ll feed.
A gingerbread man the one I’ll eat.
One who’s always crazy
Never calls me baby.
That’s the one I want
All you boys are not him.

I’m the icing covering his body.
I wanna hold em so close so tightly.
Baby how do I say this politely…
Love me harder and don’t be nice, please.

I wanna feel your crumbs on my body.
I wanna break you in pieces, fight me.
Baby dont be so scared to bite in.
Want to eat each other into nothing."