Journal of Marbas and Raphael: To Heal and Kill

Marbras and Raphael evocation and invocation
So as mentioned, Marbas has stated that I am to begin with him and Raphael Wednesday.
I have been told to bring my daughter into it.
After tonight she wants to do more


Typing what happened around 21:00hrs.
Got screen shots looks like can see energy shapes
Like the other day my daughter was conduit.

20190903_205945_2 20190903_205945_1

Its late . I haven’t evoked Azazel yet. So. Night. I’ll type tomorrow

I makes yet upload it to channel…or post to someone with a computer. Lol


The conversation was one of those mild “blanket-like”
We were in the kitchen. My daughter on other side of bench.

Marbas Heal thyself
Morgana How
Marbas Remember. Bring her back (re my daughter)
Morgana Come back. Sit down (she did)
Marbas Ssss sit down (I squatted on floor)
Pain is not where the injury is
Morgana show
= Got visual of spine going down to tail as it’s slightly to the right =
Marbas You will not waste my time
Morgana show me your sigil = it flashed= Ok.
Morgana We have to work something out. I require your assistance. Is it true that I require both. Yes or no. Show me, show me show me.
Whooooo vocal downward sound
Morgana =mental inquiry height=
Marbas showed
Morgana 9 feet tall/, show me = stood up=
Marbas his name is azaz Raphael and you’ll respect him too.
Morgana fair enough
Marbas begin tomorrow night
=mental visual of my back=
Morgana can it be fixed
Marbas Ssssss
Morgana do not guess = to myself =
Marbas patience child
Marbas bring her = she comes over=
Liss’n (4) Four Winds to the South
(5) Five Winds to the West… East
(4) Four Winds to the North
You will. Remember. You will
Sssssh. Showed you.
I’m tall
Morgana yes. I know your tall.
(??) Don’t play games with me
Marbas hands on lower back
= my daughter being the conduit placed hands
Marbas I will answer you another time
Morgana to L. Don’t push (it felt as though)strong heat from the left.
Marbas Ashala. Work Ashala Work Ashala.
Ashala/Morgana = moves hands to shoulders = Conduit = referring to L= Conduit.
Marbas most of your pain sits ssssss. Ashala rise.
Morgana conduit she’s conduit.
(???) Told to heal you. Heal.
Marbas witch
Morgana which witch
Marbas girl witch child witch… Howl at the wind
= he laughed =
Morgana = to L= are you doing the breathing the way I told you. Conduit conduit shoulder shoulder.
Morgana/Ashala pull down the energy, go through your hands… Ashala
Ashala speaks Ashala listens
Morgana child in front of you child in front of you. = she stands in front of me. And I place my hands o v we her forehead to eyes and temples
Morgana/Ashala/Marbas Receive Receive
Kalash tala
=I turn her around place my palms on base of skull (it’s raining) =
Marbas evoke m e tomorrow him
Morgana both
Marbas Yessss
Morgana breathes. Thank you
Marbas. Blood. Blood
Morgana ok. After this
Prinked. Fingers.

Let’s see what happens tonight


Thoughts 4x fire/ South perhaps these are meridian channels within the body. Thoughts anyone?

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Evoked Marbas and Raphael. Raphael was more talking though.

R heal thyself physician
M Is Ashala the physician
You showed image of tall bronzed (tanned) man (shirtless) dark hair.

R two sides are one side. Two sides the same side two sides as one, one one, there is no two. We are one side.
Division division division dissolving.

M -
=stated my intentions and desires =

R don’t sing. Claunecek is Claunecek. I am Raphael. Aaah Spirit Rise.

M old regrets of misunderstanding cold shapes keep bringing them back. I sacrifice them because I keep holding onto them .they are in my blood and — I will sacrifice. Would you receive the sacrifice through the blood. Drop drop.
To heal or kill it doesn’t matter to me. She o w your answer
R & M show the blood
M I will do at the end… do you agree
Will you be my guides in this learning to heal o r kill.

R One Being on the dragon, o being being. We are one of one.

East is South
Bottom Right foot (to) top Left shoulder
Bottom Left foot top Right shoulder.
Centre of Man (mid-section) out to the side’s- East (left)
Out to the side’s- West ®
West centre Center centre Center round and round and round twirl the spiral goes . == blows air=
Raise the spirit to the heart. Fire raises the spirit up. Water raise the spiral down down. Up spin the other way (anticlockwise), And spin the other way (clockwise). Water forwards Backwards chaos.
M I don’t understand
R Blessed is the rising sun and setting moon
You want to set the sun and raise the moon. But you do not. You do both. Balance it out
You think we are separate. You think we are opposites. We are one the same side. We one side. We are onesss
Ddivision division. Aaah Spirit

New incense n pricking fingers ( leaving this bit)

R blood from the east blood from the West.

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It wasn’t ment to be titled lounge. Glitches.
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Marbas and Raphael how to heal and kill. Journal


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Notes that are finally beginning to make sense
From recent backwrds.

Going n power to sort out the contract

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This morning after o th er wk.

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Tonight evoked around 19:00hrs. It’s been written up from the recording. Began with breathing in the places and methods shown above with extra breath work where my injury (is healing) and where my worst areas (throat and heart). Turns out the power build up is faster.
Highly recommend doing it.

The first part is a lot of me “the construct” being human. The second part is the actual … shall I say transported there and here seeing feeling experiencing EVERYTHING.
I am nothing special s o you get the raw. I don’t see why I should sugar coat or tidy… these are notes from my recording no editing … which means you can see w here my higher selves assert past t this “constructed personality”.

I evoked Marbas…
Marbas I am here (dienult??)
Morgana/Me Charming image looks like something I saw. What do you really look like? (Beastly dark) I’m sure I can handle it. Long black hair shirtless black pants well… formed frame. That is what you look like? That is the image you show me? (reff eyes). Blue?
What do your eyes look like blue n brown?
Show me Marbas…
Morgana I observe Show me your sigil.
= it flashed= Ok.
When I called last only one was talking…you can both talk
Your eyes go from black to blue.
I call forth Raphael =recites enn=
-sigg- who did I see Raphael. I see and Marbas what do you really look like…
Are your the same entity as Raphael or are you s separate
I see two Beings, one each side arms folded and hands on hips. One folded. Do you think I am too weak to see what you really look like?
Morgana the beast is a cloak its mask yeah?
Marbas why do you concern with the image
Morgana because I’m curious and want to know everything.
Morgana I believe I understand (reff the previous info)
And tried to apply it and breathe into every part and the weakest part (heart tgroat) I make the weak strong in me. Hearts and throat. Throat and zeal combined is part of the diamond extended points of power.
Breathless healthy heart
Marbas compassion compassion compassion compassion.
Morgana ok compassion =more incense =
Morgana/Me. I bring forth Morgana Kala suma Kahn Mink’k. Tash I bring forth Ashala. Healer, priestess
Hollow winds vocal h haunting pipes
Drumming drumming drumming (aaahhh) drummm. Ceremonial drumming.

(Am tired typing up tomorrow.


(Can’t fkg sleep!)continued: my voice & body describe what I simultaneously saw n experienced

Ceremonial drumming
Fire smoke - huge fire-
Dancing - whooooo/pitch up/pitch down oooh… woodflute/pipes & vocal (treble cleff a - c above mid c)
White dress white dress
White hair. Bleeding hair (through the w hair)
Black hair. Bleeding hair
Sacrifice…a chicken- visual by hand
I’m doing it -killing it
Drumming drumming drumming: (think rhythmically of the1s). 1 - 1 -1 1| 1-1 - 1 -1
On heart beat pulse
On the left 1 - - 1|

4:1 1 1 1 | 1 1 1 1 rhymic pulse per Tone (L)
4: 111 1 111 1 | = triplets and quaver to a Tone ( R)

(Deeper than kettle drum or timpani)

Fire Smoke Fire Smoke Fire Smoke
Round and round and round and round
Whooooool |pitch up \ down - pipes

  • AAnd again a 3rd and a 5th higher
    (A above mid C)
    Lower pitch. Pipes animal Horn
    1 1 1 1 | 》
    111 ½ 111 ½ | 》

The feathers weaved into a weave with leaves and flowers with herbs into a wreath. The blood into a round bowl
Naked dancers
Whoooool C above mid C.
Ashala in white. Ashala Ashala. Washed hands, shakes hands (as in gesture like to dry n flick away)
Walking walking walking
Whooool / - \ (? C \A — C / E treble)
Heart beat drum Slows down
1 % % 1 | 1 % % 1

( Ă· to replace rest symb in music)

R drums speed up from triplets to semi quaver:

1 % % 1 |
1111 1111 1111 1111 |

Back to the beat of heart rhythm
And tripplet pattern

Oaah - anguish from me my construct self. In walks the deer. What? … It’s a sacrifice
Its a sacrifice. The deer is a sacrifice - anguished sounds. Sorrow. The deer is my friend. Cried out. Felt Every moment.
//// Stops
It is finished. Ok it is finished sorrow grief
Marbas and Raphael: Ashala dose not cry. The construct feels this…Morgana Observes.
Marbas and Raphael The deer is alive the is never dead
The deer is never born
AAAAH. It’s. Me.
This is your message for me

I’m sure I’ll understand soon This is very tiring.
------- Are there any words you wish to say before I stop.
Ashala Marbassss. Do not fear…the rising sun and setting moon…flow with the life force… Tsssss important child.
Raphael Husshhh…
Me I’m listening - sotto vocé - Morgana rise.
Raphael Walk with the day Walk with the night. Do not fear the birth in the night.
Kaladish’stahn Ik’bin’dasssah.
Me rest now. That was both of you. Thank you for your time…
I’ll take my leave now.

Extinguished flames and left smoke & room.

Alight. @Yazata can I impose? I have vv the recording… can you n I set this???

Sorry. But I think I almost forgot how to do notation
Let me know if I c a n email it to you. And your fee of course :relieved:


Raphael got me to put these on altar as I was reciting his enn.

We got straight to business. Neither are impressed that I went to sleep rather that call but Shit.
It was in the clause of the contract if I’m too tired.! I did leave incense.


The inner theigh where you have 3 areas 1 closer to the glute centre and one closer to the genital

Evoked Marbas- his sigil flash silvery
Evoked Raphael his had hinted green and flash silvery
We’re here
I still have to evoke Raphael
During Raphael chanting I had to add these stones from my collection. His sigil hinted green but flash silvery.

We began succinctly as if to not waste time. They didn’t like that I just lit the incense the previous-well it was 3am!!

Raphael Pressure points between collar bone and neck (side below ears) =I wrote as I saw the points and they spoke= before the shoulder blade. =Note my hands and pointings on my body as they talked=
(And) under the jawline where the collar bone joins, hollow
Morgana/Ashala =feeling the pressure applied= aaah that hurts
Raphael same on each side. Stops heart
Back of jaw line under ears = hollow part=
Blood clots nose bleeds
Morgana Ok I can feel a pulse going up to my head with that.
Raphael Knees outer on the top in the fleshy joint between the bone. Paralysis front of knee cap and on either side. Paralysis =relate to blood flow=
Flesh between on either side of tendon at the back of the foot above the heel of foot. Similar to heart point
Morgana sounds deadly
Raphael inner theigh =closer to between the legs=
Upper middle lower =lower closer to glute= this is blood pressure line. Middle is poison line release.
This is the blood pressure l i be blood clots poison release. Yes check it.
Morgana point between shoulder blades where I hurt myself. Azazel said that was grief. So what is the line to get rid of grief. is it the part in the hand =as Azazel showed me=
Raphael middle of the belly button 4 fingers sideways pressure point. On that pressure point go up to a triangle top which would be where the liver is. Same again down where cesarean where pubic bone. That is middle triangle. Remember this point and not to get it confused again. Each point represents your life force. It is. That is the center of man. From each of these goes down and up. From here is were you begin. Remember the perineum crown breathes.
Follow the points in the sides =abdominal laterals= breathe out from the sides. Directly out from the belly button to the sides of hips and above hip bone. Remember that point. Each sides breathes calms and causes distress. Good you can feel the pulse. Four fingers up to just below rib bone on the side, the second correlates to the middle upper point of the diamond, before the point. Yes. We’re both saying.

The back you’ll find the same pattern. The same base of the spine where the lumbas and hip is. Paralysis point. Four fingers up. Four fingers up again. Four fingers up again. Four fingers again. Four fingers up again.
Till you come to base of where the shoulders join in the middle. Where the bones are just below the shoulder bones on the spine. Four fingers up and you come to the joint the knob where the shoulder blade starts. Then the four fingers of the neck the base (of skull) Each of those will cripple kill and disable.
Each point represents Dantian
If you wish to enhance the life force of a person go for the middle Dantian. As you press your hands going forwards up you’ll cause their life fire

As you place your hands facing down you’ll increase their life force. You must have water and fire in flow. The spirit runs on steam.
Shoulders down out. Underneath shoulders under the arm yes where hair is where the hollow that is that point straight through the shoulder blade. Also Diamond up and down equal triangles fire points. Steam on one side smoke on the other. Yes you were right. Just on the edge of the triangle towards the neck is what we call the ring of fire. Ring of fire. Remember that. Because that is where the true fire coming up from the sides of the body up up up. From the inner parts of the body the inner theigh where the las tf joint is where the vaginal point is going up up in the middle up up up up. Inside. That is the effect of the ring of fire it goes straight up and straight down.
The ring of fire corner triangle meets in the middle of the chest bone top facing down, the upper dantien.
Going down to the middle where the spiral begins. Spiral on the left goes up to spirit spiral on the right goes down to water. To be flesshhh.
We are answering your questions. Yes you may confer. Good. Raphael talking. We understand little girl. Ashala rise. Ashala sees smoke and fire. Ashala blood. Blood blood blood. Smoke Fire Blood. The blood is in the water, the blood is the life force. The fire is the life force and the smoke is the essence. From which all is seen. =wispers= by man. Understand later.
Tip of the triangle shoulder blade outgoing down the arm. Chakra. Elbow (= to) spleen. Heart. Mid. Heart lower arm below elbow water.

The wrists are rings of fire same as the feet and through the tops of feet and out the other side.(sole) Same as hands.
You call them midrange. Mudra fire mudra air mudra flame.
These correlate to the points around the uterus the outside of the uterus. So outside the vaginal point or testies for men. The joint of the bone and the muscle and the tendons. Don’t care for your names. We are c xxx working.
This is the point of the blood of the virgin. Virgin blood. Semen. Indexed blood also is virgin blood. Period blood is virgin blood.
Morgana I’ll look it up then.
Marbas Yesssss. The Wings of fire outside of your back under the bone, shoulder bladessss. Your wingssss. That you had clipped. Either side to the back shoulder blade lower middle out out out fly fly fly wings wings wings. Morgana Le Fae Ashalaaaa. One folded who holds the cauldron and stirs the pottttt.
Morgana Miñkasa?
We shall not say her yet. Tssssss. Until you become her
Morgana who is speaking n power? Manassas. Yessss.
We are Dragon of the dragon part of the dragon of the same. Yesss.
It is the life force of spirit and the life force of flesshhh met in the middle to create the centre of mannnn aah.
Raphael Top bottom Spinning spinning spinning. One to the earth one to the Spirit both meet in the middle. B oith must flow. Open.
Morgana =wispered= Ascended man .
Marbas Man is defended godsss comes backsss to earthsss spiritsss mingles spiritsss high spiritsss godsss natural godsss you are already you came here to become higher, higher asss high is outer condensed down to fleshhh through the flesh of the flesh into the blood.
Blood Fire Steam
Mud. Remember your roots.
Ashala stirs the pot
Morgana who raises her hands.
=wisper= Miñkasa
Miñkasa who binds the babe in the night.
Who is old. Old old. Old old old. Old old. You have come back. And you are coming back againnnn.
Do not try to understand now understand later
Listen listen listen to the beat aaaah. Listen to the rhythm. Listen listen listen.
=wispered= Compassion compassion for truly love is kind. Love must love. Haaaah. And you shall learn love.
We’re going now. =wisper= Goodbye Ashala, Morgana. Be at peace constructions, thoughts. Make things right. Let It go. Priestess. Queen. You Will be rising soon from the burning ashes. When you burn and die in the dark dark blackness of c the night. You shall rise again to take form. You will experience non life and t Hagen you will be alive in life. This life.
Morgana This life?
Any life. You choose your form you come back.



Lots to type Raphael and Marbas both got straight to business I had to perform the exercises whilst they observed.
They are showing me so much t h at I think in the end I’ll compile it into a book… So the idea is apparent.

Raphael Fire point and damp balance must be.
=Answer to question= Under ribs. Spleen. Focus your power. Good. Restore prana. Rings of fire. Pulse
= Image above. Diamond/shoulder: outer line Fire middle line Air inner line Water as is the theigh=
Looking at the lower triangle.
Raphael On both sides. Yesss. Balance these and the breath. Balance the waters.
Zeal to crown breath air, points behind the ears inside straight into to across connect the line to across t o each other. Point straight to the ears and down towards the zeal. So it looks like a downward triangle. On the ears again up to the crown. This is the inner fracture of the triangle od the diamond, double triangle. This is the outer half of this angle of quarters.
Slide back.
Don’t get confused with extra words. Breathe. In all of it. Push the Fire Air up. Yesss.
At the same time. Yesss.
Morgana Yes I can feel that
Raphael pulse and burn At Same time other two other two.
Morgana calming very calming … Kala suma Kahn
Marbas Ikahna. Yesss.
Raphael When you’ve got this do this to the other side.
Ears to the throat. Triangle right across connect the throat.
Morgana triangle
Raphael Yess ss. Goes across to the nose, ears behind the ears straight across across the nose. Upper outer side of the fracture
Morgana So six points are being burned ears across. Zeal Crown throat going across affect the nose behind it and up goes to the crown.
Marbas Yesss.
Raphael Get this one first before the next exercise.
Ears across Zeal lower triangle then up. Ears across. Throat. Across and past the nose. Right two sides of fractured diamond. Many facets.
On side of the head Above the ears straight down where the ear is. Split the line goes to the crown to the zeal then to throat so look like you got the point of the pyramid. That on both sides pyramid goes facing inward and out.
Morgana This is effective
Marbas Yesss.
Raphael Do it properly. Don’t be distracted.
Notice it touches the ring of fire. Remember that all in T hg e point in the center of it all is as cross.
Morgana pineal thalamus
Marbas Yesss
Morgana pinecone
Raphael That is what goes up and down out and across. That is your cross. Your cross is upward into the head and upside down near the perineum ss (perenius) up in the centre . Can you see how it fits.
Morgana Yes
Raphael You will remember
Morgana I will remember
Raphael Good
That’s your diamond. Feel that diamond in the different facets you have been shown.
Back of head to face. Front of head facet to the side’s. Apply that at your perineum.
The perineum the spot where your crown is.
Morgana ok so, so ok… the perineum being centre
Raphael The perineum is the ending. Above the perineum going up is you’ll find inside (two) near the cocyx you’ll find inverted cross. That’s the same one go upright across in the center of the skull.
Morgana I don’t know the name of it. What is it called
Raphael Carlmus Sinng.
===I g o it more incense===
Raphael Bring forth Ashala.
Me I have trouble thinking
Raphael little finger to thumb
Morgana/Ashala Ashala’s listening
Raphael Side of hips line across. Below the belly button line acrossact: 1, 2, 3, 4, triangles. See them like a fan flat.
Morgana ok
Raphael Now join them up so the top so you’ve got an upright pyramid. Triangle A pyramid diamond on that fan.
Do the same underneath.
In the center is that same pinecone it’s where it sits. Below the belly button in the pubic bone. In the center. Feel it. The tip of the diamond is the belly and. The base of the diamond is the perineum.
This is your dantian lower dantian. This is your Center of Gravity.
The Centre of Man is different.
Marbas See the rod. Now can you see the triangle. From here you should have triangle 1, 2, 3, 4, point
Triangle come as a fan, the frontal vaginal two at the buttocks. Imagine they’re flat.
Morgana Ok… Fan…Flat
Raphael See the lines going up meet from that. So you’ve got 1, 2, 3, 4 meeting there.
These are channels. The side channels relate to the ears and the nose. The back channel relate to the zeal. Your front channel relate to your throat. They point and meet in the middle.
The clear diamond in the picture. Take away the color. Visualize black. Black. And then no colour. Good. Feel the pulse.
This is how you’ll feel sexual pleasure.
Morgana I don’t know if i can handle more information can we stop now.
====sketched diagram===

I thanked Raphael and Marbas. They have d me perform every visual and breathe and pulses all through. Everyone. So ahh. I was tired.
I am definitely going to compile everything I learn from these amazing teaches into book or e book format and what ever I experiment on myself.