Journal of Dreams

Just going to be a journal full of thoughts, experiences, dreams, and other things! Any entities that i work with in the future will be added here instead of different threads.


So last night I had a really random dream. I don’t think it meant anything, it was just ‘one of those’.

I was back in my old high school, but I worked there instead of being a student. There were no teenagers in the school, all sorts of entities and demons were there. From lesser, to dukes and duchess’, princes and kings. So me and the other workers basically worked for them in a way. We would report back to them, so I can only guess that we (the staff) were assisting with the calls from people requesting help, and to work with said entities.

I decided to walk in the building one day, dressed in a white shirt, black pinafore, black tights and shoes, and a black blazer jacket, but it was waist length. One of the members of staff said: “You can’t wear that! You’re working with Lucifer today! It’s way too short!”

So I said, “Oh well. Nobody will notice. I’ll just pull it down.” I pulled the pinafore down and carried on with business.

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Which one ?

@AlexandarMOstar Neither. It was like this:


Ok ok
General idea is the same but different shades :laughing:

I found out yesterday that I lost my Nintendo DS charger :worried: thiught I had put it in a certain place and left it there, only to discover it has never been there. So I ordered another one.

Call me old school, but I also went and ordered a Nintendo Wii. I think myself and the family will enjoy it.

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So, I’ve been working with Lucifer lately. He wants me to reach my full potential. I’ve only evoked him a few times, but already noticed that my GAD has been disappearing each day.

Normally, I would be so anxious day in day out, over the smallest thing. It’s not as bad now, but I do still worry sometimes. But one step at a time.

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So, I think i need other people’s opinions on this.

Can I possibly heal my brother who’s got paranoid schizophrenia? He has medication, but he drinks a lot of alcohol such as lager, cider. We think it may be thinning the medication out of his system. He drinks this all week if he can.

Would it be wise to call upon Raphael for the healing, and Belial for the addiction?

So I have an interview for an admin vacancy. Haven’t had an interview for 8 months. Funny how this arrived since I’ve been working with Lucifer. I didn’t even apply for the job. Woooo!! Can’t wait!

Try the Angel Opfaal, from Kingdoms of Flame, instead. He can free the mind from addictions and many here have had great success with him. He would probably be gentler than Belial, which could make a difference with your brother’s mental illness (Belial’s forcefulness may feed into his paranoia).

His sigil is available in many places on the forum.


Going to be watching The Grudge tonight :smiley: soo excited!

You never told us how that first date went. I was wondering if you used our tips and got a second date or not

It didnt go ahead. We rearranged for Friday, and an hour before meeting he blocked me

Then i guess he wasn’t worth it. Don’t let it get you down. Be the amazing goddess you are and be patient. You’ll find your right one and you’ll know as soon as you do!


Yeh just gonna focus on me


That’s the spirit. Good luck and you go girl

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Damn, sorry to hear that.
But, at least you won’t be wasting your time with filth.

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I know, dont need folk like that


Sure dont! You’ll find someone to match you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I got PTSD from Ju-on The grudge when that movie came out in 2003. I watched it as a 12 years old kid. Couldn’t sleep for months and only with the lights on😂

I traumatized myself by watching part 2 and part 3 as well. I absolutely hate japanese horror.

I’m 26 years old now and if I watch that shit again, I won’t sleep for weeks.

I fear asian women because of their face and long black hair.

God damn it lol, you can send me to the most haunted places on earth but the grudge is seriously another level.

It terrifies me, when i’m able to astral project or lucid dream i’m gonna confront my traumas and fears of the grudge in my dreams!